Position of Enevoldsen

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H. Kruse, 2211
N. Bernal Varela, 2309


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Position of Enevoldsen

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Thibault de Vassal    (2006-12-10 19:32:06)
Position of Enevoldsen

An interesting endgame... Two ways to understand the position :

White to move and win, and Black to move and draw !

ChessPosition (see diagram)

a b c d e f g h

Daniel Khayman    (2006-12-16 13:33:50)

can't see it! i can probably understand white winning but it's a slow process, regardless of who moves first; as for black drawing...... it beats me.... i don't know...:-)

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-12-23 03:54:37)

Black to move : The bishop prevents White king to enter. After 1. ... a5! White can't progress : 2.a4 Bf3 3.Rf7 Bg2 4.Rf2 Bh1 5.b4 axb4 6.Rb2 Kb7 7.Rxb4 Ka6 8.Rb5 Bf3 9.Kc7 Bd1 10.Rxb6+ Ka5 draw.

White to move : 1.b4! prevents Black to have his pawns a5 and b6. Then if 1. ... a5 2.bxa5 bxa5 3.Kc5 a4 4.Kb6 Kc8 5.Rc7+ then 6.Rc4 and Black loses a pawn. If 1. ... Bf3 then 2.a4 Be4 3.a5! bxa5 4.bxa5 a6 5.Kc5 Bd3 6.Kb6 Kc8 7.Rc7+ Kd8 8.Rc5 Be2 9.Kb7 Kd7 10.Rd5+ Ke6 11.Rd2 Bc4 12.Kc7 Bb5 13.Rd4! (zugzwang) Bf1 14.Rd6+ Ke5 15.Kc6 Be2 16.Kc5 Bb5 17.Rb6 Be2 18.Rb8 Bd3 19.Re8+ Kf6 20.Kd6 Kf5 21.Re5+ Kf4 22.Kd5 Bb5 23.Kd4 Ba4 24.Re6 Bb5 25.Rf6+ Kg5 26.Rf8 Kg6 27.Kc5 Kg7 28.Ra8 Kf7 29.Kb6 Ke7 30.Rxa6, and wins...





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