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White #5

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Vadrya Pokshtya    (2021-08-26 08:33:27)
White #5

ChessPosition (see diagram)

a b c d e f g h

Vadrya Pokshtya    (2021-08-26 08:37:47)
White #5

I know this violates all the laws of chess composition, but this my problem is great! White has only one solution. There are no side solutions in the problem. Special thanks to @ Arisktotle from chess dot com for the correction.

Paul Brand Lyard    (2022-02-20 01:28:22)
Whites mat in 6!#

1/Whites plays B.b6-*c7+ K.e6-*c7 2/Whites K.d6-e4 B.f8*T.e7 3/Whites T.c6-e6+ T.c7-d7 4/Whites T.d6*Td7+ Be8*Td.7 5/Whites retourn K.e4-d6 Blacks played K.a7-c6 6/Whites done checkmate with last move K.d6*b7#! Six moves for give the checkmate, Mat on five or four moves IS really impossible, the Uniq solution is liberate the knight cell for white castle to.check, to forcing exchange, And just after Come back withnknight on his départ position to attack black King Now innaboidable trapped! Si, checmate solution on this juste only possibles moves and The décisive attack for Whites. Paul-e.Brand 2022-02-19th.

Vadrya Pokshtya    (2022-02-20 07:12:09)
White #5

Thank you for trying to solve the problem! You are wrong with your first move 1. Bxc7+? Black responds with 1. ...Nb5xc7 and wins. In this chess problem, checkmate is achieved in exactly 5 moves. No more, no less. If you are interested in the solution, then I will post it here. Thanks!

Ilmars Cirulis    (2022-03-06 11:59:22)
White #5

That's like about 70^9 positions to search to prove that it's checkmate in exactly 5 moves... have someone done that?

Ilmars Cirulis    (2022-03-06 12:03:17)
White #5

Ok, my bad - to prove this is checkmate in 5 moves, only about 70^4 or approximately 24'000'000 positions in the tree (about 70 possible black moves against only one white move). 70^9 - that's the number if one wants to prove that the solution not only exists but it's also unique...

Paul Brand Lyard    (2022-03-06 12:10:38)
White #5

Ilmars,had you find the solution in 5? No More, no less. I didn't found solution on exacly 5 moves, had you the right solution?

Ilmars Cirulis    (2022-03-06 12:13:56)
White #5

Not yet... this position causes my brain to crash.

Vadrya Pokshtya    (2022-03-06 17:44:55)
White #5

Guys here is the solution. The main line: 1. Nxb7+ Kxe7 2. Bxf6+ Nxf6 3. Rxe6+ Kxf7 4. Rxe5+ Rd5 5. Nd8#

Paul Brand Lyard    (2022-03-06 19:23:01)
White #5

Thanks to you Vadrya# it was an very strong problem to resolute

Paul Brand Lyard    (2022-09-06 21:13:52)
White #5

Bad Cirulis had no resolute the question With is computer...