Surely the hardest chess problem ever

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Nick Voudouris    (2013-10-11 13:29:42)
Surely the hardest chess problem ever!!

White to play and draw!!! ChessPosition (see diagram)

a b c d e f g h

Robert Knighton    (2013-10-13 20:47:43)
Surely the hardest chess problem ever!!

Well if this is really a draw, I know Houdini cant solve it. 1.Ng7+ Kg5 2.Nf3+ Kg4 3.Nf5 h3 4.Ke4 g1Q 5.Nxh6+ Kh5 6.Nxg1 Black mates in 57 Lomonosov 7 man Endgame TableBase

Nick Voudouris    (2013-10-14 09:52:00)
Surely the hardest chess problem ever!!

All I know is that in general computers can't solve this problem... Surely white draws, and that is the amazing thing. Of course this problem is not mine, but I loved it as soon as I saw it. Anyway, Ng7+ is not correct!

George Jempty    (2013-10-15 02:55:16)
Surely the hardest chess problem ever!!

I'd go for 1. Kxc4 with the general strategic plan of generating counterplay by advancing the d-pawn, justified on tactical grounds by 1...g8=Q 2. Ng7+ Kg5 3. Nf3+

George Jempty    (2013-10-15 02:56:49)
Surely the hardest chess problem ever!!

Perhaps better to pull the White king closer with 1. Ke4

Nick Voudouris    (2013-10-15 10:24:25)
Surely the hardest chess problem ever!!

What about not considering 1...g1=Q, but instead 1. Kxc4 Kg5 2. Nf3 Kf4! 3. Nxh4 g1=Q and everything is over!!

Nick Voudouris    (2013-10-15 10:29:58)
Surely the hardest chess problem ever!!

Please ignore my previous comment... 1.Kxc4 g1=Q 2. Ng7+? Qxg7 :)

Philip Roe    (2013-10-19 18:34:08)
Surely the hardest chess problem ever!!

Suppose that Black had the move, and promoted to a Queen. Then White could play Nxh4, and the Knight could not be captured. White can follow with Nhf3, and then Black could not achieve anything because his King is stuck (and therefore also the Pawn on h6) So White needs a waiting move with his King. If he plays 1.Kd6 g1=Q,2.Nxh4 Black saves his Queen with Qb6+ and then takes the Knight. The only move that does not provide such a resource is 1.Kc6 which therefore draws, since 1.. h3 can be answered with Ng3+. My computer actually gives this line but does not realize that the position is drawn, evaluating it at about -6.0 . It cannot understand the word never.

Robert Knighton    (2013-10-21 03:32:50)
Surely the hardest chess problem ever!!

yes, I see it now. Very clever puzzle. Thank you for sharing your find :)

Ger Hanssen    (2013-10-28 23:10:07)
Surely the hardest chess problem ever!!

One of the reasons I don't admire chess as much as go is the easy draw. This problem put that in a different perspective. Yet, let's admit this would merely be a trap in real play. Like stalemate. As a puzzle, though, it's brilliant!

Nick Voudouris    (2013-10-29 09:47:17)
Surely the hardest chess problem ever!!

And if you consider that it was first presented in 1908, in Bohemia, you can realise that the composer was a genius!! Anyway, as I have already told you, I loved it when I saw it :)





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