A Perfect Echo


A Perfect Echo

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Josef Riha    (2010-12-08 11:42:49)
A Perfect Echo

ChessPosition (see diagram)
White to move and checkmate in 4.
There are two solutions. The second is an echo of the first one.
Echo mate refers to a chess problem in which one variation leads to a checkmate position that is a duplicate of another variation. In this case however, the duplicate is perfect, so it's an exact echo.

a b c d e f g h

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-12-08 11:54:33)
A Perfect Echo

Not so easy heh.....

Josef Riha    (2010-12-10 21:00:52)
A Perfect Echo - complition

I have to give you some further details:
The duplicate can be a translation echo (the pieces are all shifted a row or a file), or a reflection echo (all of the pieces are a mirror image of another mate), or a rotation echo (the final mate is a 90 degree turn of another mate).
In this relatively simple mate in four, there is an exact translation echo.

Josef Riha    (2010-12-21 12:03:48)
A Perfect Echo - Solution

After the key 1.Kf2! Black has two legal moves:

(A) 1...Kh2 2.Bg3+ Kh3 3.Kf3 f4 4.Bg4#

(B) 1...f4 2.Bf3+ Kh2 3.Bg2 f3 4.Bg3#

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-12-21 17:20:05)
A Perfect Echo