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D. Blundell, 1995

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Ilmars Cirulis    (2010-06-05 19:33:19)
D. Blundell, 1995

ChessPosition (see diagram)

white to move

a b c d e f g h

Brittany Smith    (2010-06-11 05:04:32)
D. Blundell, 1995

Currently, the best move for white is Ne1. This limits black, as Black wouldnt want to lose a potential queen.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2010-06-24 18:43:35)
D. Blundell, 1995

ok, let's see

1.Ne1 Kg4 2.Kc1 f3 3.Kd2 f2 4.Nc2 Kf4 =
any improvements?

Daniel Greguol    (2010-06-27 19:20:05)
D. Blundell, 1995

what's wrong with Na1?

Andrea Bassoli    (2010-06-30 18:56:45)
D. Blundell, 1995

Hello. I try to find a way to win for White, but I can't find it. However, if Withe plays correctly can ever reach the draw, capturing both the black pawn; unluckyly it can't avoid that Black King captures the only Withe pawn. If you know a way with which White can win, post it please. Thanks and congratulations for the interesting position.

Manobhiram Nellutla    (2010-06-30 21:47:17)
D. Blundell, 1995

1.Nb4 Kg4 2. Nd5 f3 3.Kc2 f2 4.Ne3+ Kg3 4.Kd3 Kg2 5.Ke2 ???? This would be better for White since Black has to move something and will make it go away from the queen potential pawn.

Ray Comas    (2010-07-02 00:02:56)
D. Blundell, 1995

White must get the N to d2, covering both f1 & e4, then put black in zugzwang to force the black K away from the pawns. This should at least draw, and gives white a chance for a win. My plan would be Na1 -> Nb3 -> Nd2, with the white K making its way to c3.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2010-07-02 14:14:41)
D. Blundell, 1995

"what's wrong with Na1?"

I don't know. Does black have to resign immediately after it?

Ilmars Cirulis    (2010-07-02 14:15:39)
D. Blundell, 1995

Looking at Ray's suggestion...

Andrea Bassoli    (2010-07-02 22:16:52)
D. Blundell, 1995

I think I found the way to win: 1. Na1 f3 2. Nb3 Kg4 3. Kc2 Kf4 4.Kd3 f2 5. Nd2 Kg3 6. Ke2 Kg2 7. Nf1 Kh3 8. Kxf2 Kg4 9. Ke3 Kg5 10. Kf3 Kg6 11. Kg4 Kf6 12. Kh5 Ke6 13. Kg6 Kd6 14. Kf6 Kc5 15. Kxe5 and White wins

Leon Mendes    (2010-08-17 20:07:41)
D. Blundell, 1995

Ne1 of course!

Ray Comas    (2010-08-17 20:44:43)
D. Blundell, 1995

White cannot make progress after 1.Ne1 Kg4. For example: 1.Ne1 Kg4 2.Kc2 f3, and now: (a)3.Kd2 f2, and (b)3.Nd3 f2 4.Nxf2 Kf3 5.Kd3 Kxf2 (6.Kc4 Kf3 7.Kd5 Kf4) are clear draws. White can also try 1.Ne1 Kg4 2.Ne3 Kf3 3.Nc5 Ke3, and again it's a draw. It's easy for white to draw the position. Winning is trickier :)

Ramil Germanes    (2010-08-24 11:14:06)
D. Blundell, 1995

1.Na1 wins in 30 moves!

Pawel Kukula    (2010-10-20 19:17:56)
D. Blundell, 1995

Na1-b3-d2 Nallimov :)