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Thibault de Vassal    (2009-10-21 11:51:50)
Study by Velimir Kalandadze

A very nice one! (no computers, please)

White to move... ChessPosition (see diagram)

Thanks to Susan Polgar for sharing this one...

a b c d e f g h

Benjamin Auder    (2009-10-29 09:31:42)
very nice indeed :)

I was sure that after queens "exchange" the knight couldn't prevent the black king from taking the pawn. So I gave up for some time. But finally the white king goes down the way to help.. nice checkmate ^^

Andrea Bassoli    (2010-07-10 22:52:53)
Study by Velimir Kalandadze

1. Qf4+ Ke6 (Ke7) 2. Qf7+! Kxf7 3. d8=N+! Ke6 4. Nxb7 and with Knight and King, Withes join to win, promoting the a-pawn to Queen. Very nice, indeed.

Benjamin Auder    (2010-07-10 23:31:35)
Study by Velimir Kalandadze

To Andrea Bassoli : I disagree with the end, white can't take a3 ; for example 3 ...Kf6 4.Nxb7 Ke5 and the road by d6-c4 is closed ; if 5. Na5, 5 ...Kd4 and road closed again.. but you don't need this pawn to win (my first comment gives a hint ;) )

Andrea Bassoli    (2010-07-11 11:52:23)
Study by Velimir Kalandadze

You are quite right, my friend!! The problem isn't only very nice, it's really wonderful. Here's what happens if Black King tries to capture the pawn in a2: Nxb7 Ke5; Kg6 Ke4; Kf5 Kd3; Ke4 Kb2; Kd3 Kxa2; Kc2 and now the Black King is blocked! Now White Knight move towards the unavoidable mate: ... Ka1; Nc5 Ka2 (if a2 Nc3 Mate); Nd3 Ka1; Nc1 a2 (forced); Nb3 MATE!!! WONDERFUL!