find the best move for white


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Arnab Sengupta    (2008-06-03 09:10:07)
find the best move for white

ChessPosition (see diagram)

a b c d e f g h

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-06-03 18:39:18)
well well...

c5 looks necessary but anyway I can't see the end of the story...

Arnab Sengupta    (2008-06-03 19:28:12)

what about Rxd8?

Benjamin Block    (2008-06-05 22:11:10)

I think it is a bad move. If black put his pawn to h3. It is dangerous. But i think white can win this game if he/she move the A or C pawn.

Arnab Sengupta    (2008-06-06 12:09:27)

but Block what happens after Rxd8 Bxd8? White can still play c5

Benjamin Block    (2008-06-06 15:54:54)

Yes but too risky i risky because the king is not safe.

Daniel Khayman    (2008-06-11 19:20:41)
best move

i think white has clear advantage and has more than one option to win here...

Ilmars Cirulis    (2008-06-13 17:47:51)

1.Rxd8 Bxd8 2.Rd4 Qf5 3.Qd3 ??!

Ilmars Cirulis    (2008-06-13 17:49:30)
2 Daniel

What do you suggest?

Telmo Escobar    (2008-06-20 04:26:05)

One must starting evaluating the position. Despite the slight material advantage, White has some trouble due to the active position of Black pieces and his poorly situated bishop at b3. Thus Id think about 1.Rxd8. In case of 1...rxd8 2. Rxd8 Bxd8 3.Qd3 & 4.Bc2, or 1...Bxd8 2.Bc2, White has chances. In any case, I think Black has some compensation for the pawn and the final result is far from certain. Give me any colour and Id probably play for a win- -and, with any colour, I could lose!

Daniel Khayman    (2008-06-24 20:42:24)
2 Cirulis

given the slight material advantage i'd start trading off so i would Rxd8 followed by another rook take and then c5 if black recaptures with his second rook on d8, or c5 if he does so with his bishop. hence first takes and then c5. it seems like a slow process but white should win.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2008-06-29 18:16:32)
2 Daniel

1.Rxd8 Bxd8 2.c5 Bg5 with equal game, imo.