Whit to play draw


Whit to play draw!!

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Benjamin Block    (2008-02-13 18:32:21)
Whit to play draw!!

A good chess player from USA cleared this problem on 35 min!! I think it is harder for a chessprogram. ChessPosition (see diagram)

a b c d e f g h

Ilmars Cirulis    (2008-02-15 14:11:05)

For engine it is extremely easy, imho.

Benjamin Block    (2008-02-16 18:21:42)
Easy for programs?

ok what is the answer=

Ilmars Cirulis    (2008-02-16 23:30:31)

I misplaced a pawn when entered position..

But I solved it with correctly placed pawn too.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2008-02-16 23:32:55)

I had idea to lock king by knights: Nxh4-f3.
First try is unsuccesful - 1.Nxh4 Kxh4! -+
So I must lose tempo by king (what else) move.
Hmm... 1.K~ g1Q 2.Nxh4.
But white must move their king so that black queen can't check him like that - 2.-- Q~+ with 3.-- Kxh4.
Ok, it looks like that - 1.Kc6 g1Q 2.Nxh4 (Qh1+ 4.Nhf3)
But what about 1.Kc6 c3? Let's try again - 2.dxc3 g1Q 3.Nxh4. And it works!! :)

Final answer:
1.Kc6 g1Q 2.Nxh4 with 3.Nhf3 =
1.--- c3 2.dxc3 g1Q 3.Nxh4 with 4.Nhf3 =

Ilmars Cirulis    (2008-02-16 23:35:35)
Ok, I agree.

It can be easy only for human. Thanks for great problem! :)

Benjamin Block    (2008-02-17 18:04:54)
only easy for human

yes it is only easy for humen. A program cant understand that only a queen cant cheek mate. So the program need to over 50 moves and it take a long time...