Chess wildness


Chess wildness

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Lionel Vidal    (2006-11-15 15:50:21)
Chess wildness

You may think that chess studies are restricted to highly technical endings, with calm and profound play, replete with quiet but decisive moves... well, not always, as this wild study from L. Silaev (1983) clearly shows!
Forget your engines here, even if the solution is quite tactical :-)
This one is difficult, but worth solving!
White to play and win.
ChessPosition (see diagram)

a b c d e f g h

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-11-16 05:02:06)
Chess wildness


My first thought was to find a mate in h5 with the white queen, by deviating black pieces... But it seems quite impossible :(

Also the pawn promotion in knight is in the air, but...

Huh... really hard, this is a study, no more a problem !?

Lionel Vidal    (2006-11-16 17:36:52)
First hint

The promotion is a good idea, but it does not work yet: 1.g8=N+ Kg6 2.Ne7+ Kh7 3.Rxc3 (with the idea Rh3 mate) Qh6+! and then 4...Rxa4. Therefore the idea to play something that will prevent black to play Kg6 on the pawn promotion, and will force Qxg8... and then winning the black queen is only the beginning the fight :-)

Josef Riha    (2006-11-19 12:55:39)

How about this line?
1.Rh3 Rxh3 2.g8N+ Qxg8 3.Kxg8 Rg6 4.Kh8

Lionel Vidal    (2006-11-19 17:53:32)
You found the key, but...

Bravo! The key is indeed Rh3!
But the fight is not finished and the very idea of the problem still unshown :-)
1.Rh3 Rxh3 (black cannot refuse the gift because of a nice king hunt 2...Kg6 3.Qe4+ Qxe4 3.g8=Q+ Kf6 4. Qg7+ Ke6 5.Qe7+ Kd5 6.Rd1+ and white wins) 2.g8=N+! Qxg8! (now Kg6 leads to mate after 3.Qc2+, hence the key) 3.Kxg8 Rh6+ 4.Kh8! (not Kf7 Rf3+ 5.Ke7 Rf1 6.Qe8 Kh7 and white cannot progress anymore) and now 4...Rf6 (not Re6 5.Qe4!! and white wins)
You still have to deal with g1=Q... how to win? A second round of violent chess is needed!

Daniel Khayman    (2006-11-19 20:59:27)
re: You found the key, but...

maybe 5. qe8, .... to prevent the discovery check of the black's king?

Josef Riha    (2006-11-19 23:31:49)
Re: You found the key

I hope this is the right continuation:>br>4. ...Rf6 5.Qe8 g1Q 6.Rb7 Rf8+ 7.Qxf8+ Kg6+ 8.Kg8 Rh8+ ... and so on.

Daniel Khayman    (2006-11-20 08:18:38)
re: You found the key, but...

looks good

Lionel Vidal    (2006-11-20 09:02:56)
Ok, but there is a last trick!

You almost got it entirely, congratulations!
First, note that after 5.Qb4, black is safe through 5...g1=Q 6.Rxg1 Kg6+ 7.Kh8 Rh8+ 8.Kxh8 Rf8+ 9.Qxf8 stalemate!
So 5.Qe8 g1=Q 6.Rb7 Rf8+ 7.Qxf8+ Kg6+ 8.Kg8 Rh8+ 9.Kxh8 Qh1+
And now the finish: not 10.Kg8? Qh8+ 11.Kxh8 stalemate again!
But 10.Qh6+!! Qxh6+ 11.Kg8! and Black must give up his queen because of the mate Rb6...
11...Kf6 12.Rb6+ and 13.Rxh6 wins.
Playing through the whole main line again, I quite like the unusual wildness of this study :-)