jtchezz vs khayman


jtchezz vs. khayman

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Daniel Khayman    (2007-01-18 21:45:06)
jtchezz vs. khayman

ChessPosition (see diagram) still me against another decent opponent and still 2 consecutive moves that leave black's already badly neglected position in shambles

a b c d e f g h

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-19 09:27:01)
jtchezz vs. khayman

Hmm.. you mean White to move & win ?

Looks ok, but what's the best move...

Daniel Khayman    (2007-01-19 20:05:37)
jtchezz vs. khayman

apologies! i meant "white's" position. it's black to move next, i.e. myself

Wayne Lowrance    (2007-01-19 21:45:48)
jtchezz vs. khayman

Dan i guess it is blacks move and I see nothing for white first blush ! But black can play RxB, fxR,Bxg3+ then white best to move King not take capture. Again I would take a shot at drawing for white. Anyhow Danno I guess this is the feed back your looking at, just a quick look my friend. The play is so obvious tho I fear there is something deep rooted there heheheheh. I know you, you rascal Wayne

Daniel Khayman    (2007-01-20 01:19:03)
jtchezz vs. khayman

no my friend, nothing deep. game played instantly with about 60 secs thinking time and i did just that. it looks obvious but many wouldn't have seen it. but with you we're talking about a different planet. i miss our games, my friend.

Daniel Khayman    (2007-01-20 01:21:25)
jtchezz vs. khayman

by the way, i would play anyone to defend that position after rxb. i don't think white can draw but ...... i've been wrong before.. :-)