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Christoph Schroeder    (2018-12-25)
poker: not enough chips to pay BB

When a player has not enough chips left to pay his blinds for the next hand, the round should be lost for him.

But this is not the case. Example (just happened in one of my games):

My opponent has only 1 chip left. In the next hand, he ist the Big Blind which requires him to pay 2 chips. But instead of counting the round as lost for him, he gets a "discount" on his BB and has to pay only 1 chip, and the game goes on - but in a very strange way since my opponent has zero chips left, and there is no raising possible for neither side.

I cannot imagine that this behaviour of the poker software is intentional. Or is it?

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-12-26 02:05:53)
poker: not enough chips to pay BB

In many ways, FICGS built its own rules (sometimes intentionally but not always), in this case I cannot remember well but I may have thought that it is a bit unfair to lose the last chips without any fight, after all the situation is hard enough there :) But you're right & maybe I could have moved the chips in the next round, most probably I did not think about that.

Yeturu Aahlad    (2018-12-26 19:36:58)
poker: not enough chips to pay BB
If a player lacks sufficient chips for a blind or a forced bet, the player is entitled to get action on whatever amount of money remains. A player who posts a short blind and wins does not need to make up the blind.

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-12-26 20:58:29)
poker: not enough chips to pay BB

I'm not sure if this rule completely covers the cases submitted by Christoph, does it?

Yeturu Aahlad    (2018-12-26 21:22:21)
poker: not enough chips to pay BB

IMO, the only room for controversy is the choice of the word "entitled". Interpreted literally, it means that Thibault's suggestion can be an option made available to the player, but can't be enforced. If that option were available, I would take it except when I have already lost two rounds. Of course, I always have the option of resigning - which I have never done at Poker.