poems against humanity

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poems against humanity

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Philip Roe    (2008-07-23)
poems against humanity


I cant recall the ending either, but in a similar vein,

My fellow man I do not care for
I often ask me whats he there for
The only answer I can find
Is reproduction of his kind.

Mark Hailes    (2008-07-23 21:35:32)
poem for humanity

Is it all for reproduction? that's a very grim deduction. Perhaps it's more the joy we share before we make our final prayer.

Normajean Yates    (2008-07-24 00:38:58)
Mark, where is your sensayuma?:)

Get a sense of divers humour, man!
Philip, :) [same thing, more seriously, but not only about humans - Dawkins's 'Selfish Genes' presentation of [neo-]Darwin?] Dawkins is, or rather used to be, interesting - but not half as funny as Philip's contribution is :D
PS: I am lesbian, so the likes of me would have mightily puzzled whoever wrote that poem :) :)

Mark Hailes    (2008-07-24 01:59:53)
same sex relationships

Ahh - but perhaps Nash would have related to your sexuality:

To make the matter more succint:
Suppose my fellow man extinct.
Why, who would not approve the plan
Save possibly my fellow man?

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2008-07-24 04:05:02)
Against Humanity

I agree, humanity is bad for the health of our planet, but there is hope, our species can be improved, have a look at this URL:


Normajean Yates    (2008-07-24 04:31:21)
Mark, Rodolfo - great posts!


Normajean Yates    (2008-07-24 04:41:27)
on another note: absence of term for..

We [English] have a saying - "The French have a word for it"...
Now, I am lesbian in a partnership [call it 'common law/uncommon law marriage if you like :)] that is 24-year long now; but the sexual part of it is over for 8+ years now. I am asexual now. I know of a few similar gay-asexual males, including a close friend.
Also in a poll 1% of fellow britishers [or was it resrticted to englanders?] reported that they were asexual.

So, French wo/men; do you have a word for gay-asexual? [i prefer to use the term gay for both gay females and gay males. For one; not every inhabitant of Lesbos is or was 'lesbian' or for that matter female! :)]

Don Groves    (2008-07-25 05:07:16)
I have noticed aslo...

... that some lesbians of my acquaintance are not sexually active but want a loving, long term relationship and don't find it with a man. I feel the path to a loving relationship is through true friendship and humo(u)r. Sex may fade with age, but the enjoyment of each other improves :-))

Normajean Yates    (2008-07-25 05:19:01)
anothing thing ..

that poll i mentioned about 1% of english people reporting asexual -
they reported they had ALWAYS been asexual; and they had found the 'travails' of non-asexual people amusing sp. during their teenage years ..
so you have 3 categories actually: gay-asexual [incl lesbian-asexual], hetero-aesexual, AND asexual-asexual!

Normajean Yates    (2008-07-25 05:20:07)
Don Graves

I agree.





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