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Dmitri Mamrukov    (2011-02-10)

Anybody plays Advanced Chess on I use the standard interface that comes with my paid membership. But in the Engine Room I can't play such chess because I'm told that I can't taskswitch (otherwise, their anti-cheating mechanism would be triggered, even though it's not human chess at all). For that, I need to buy some ChessBase product like the Fritz interface or ChessBase. Is there any way to legally play Centaur games? Anybody tried doing it on 2 computers: on one to make moves (in the standard interface) and on the other to analyze with your favorite engine? Thanks.

Kamesh Nookala    (2011-02-12 04:26:06)

You cannot play as Centaur in the Main Playing Hall. There is an Engine Room, where you have to press on Edit - Playing Mode - and then choose Centaur Option. Only then you will be able to play as Centaur. Playing as Centaur using the assistance of engine and taskswitching is not permitted in the Main Playing Hall or any other place, except the Engine Room

Kamesh Nookala    (2011-02-12 11:50:42)

Okay, in order to play as Centaur, you need a Fritz GUI, which comes with any of the products that are sold by You can check their store. You cannot play as Centaur using the Free Client. That's a Big No. If you shell out about 50 USD you can get the Fritz 12 GUI


Dmitri Mamrukov    (2011-03-06 22:30:23)

Thanks. I did have to shell out some handful of money for the Fritz GUI. Too bad there are very few centaurs on