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johan123    (2011-04-30)

How can i get google pagerank for my blog ?

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healthtourism    (2011-06-12 12:27:19)

Build high PR backlinks.

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sunilsamuel    (2011-09-13 16:19:07)
12 years ago

PageRank is calculated entirely based on the links you have to your site, and so to get a good PR, you need lots of good quality, relevant links to your site.

Also, although the internal PR of your site is continually changing, the PR you see in Google toolbar or in one of those PR checkers is only updated 3-4 times a year.  In addition, your PR might not actually be 0 - it could just be something like 0.9, and showing as 0 because it hasn't quite reached 1.

PR is not something to give a great deal of attention to - it's only one of the 200+ factors that Google takes into consideration when assessing a webpage.  I don't know, or care, what the PR is for any of my sites.


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