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Ben Milton    (2008-11-05)
opening book

I have downloaded the games played on playchess and was wondering how i could make an opening book based on them?

Benjamin Block    (2008-11-05 15:14:48)
Build openingsbook in fritz 11.

1.You need to extract the files first.
2.Start the program fritz 11.
3.Press edit->Openingsbook->Import games.
4.Choose the extracktet files.
5.Take 1-????? if you want all. ????=the highest nummber. (you get it in the start.
6.Choose how many moves you want in every game. MAX 100.
7.Press "ok".
You can say thanks by giving me the links you download the games.

Ben Milton    (2008-11-05 15:45:54)
new book

Thank you for the helpful reply, however your method adds new games to an already existing book (e.g. rybka 3.ctg). What i was looking for is to make a new opening book completely based on these games. Is that possible?

Benjamin Block    (2008-11-05 16:40:58)
I think i see.

What you want is a new openingsbook with nothing!
1.Press File->New->Openingsbook... (skift+ctrl+alt+F11)
2.Choose a good name.
3.Start on 3 in the other message.
4.Please answer my question where i can download the games.

Ben Milton    (2008-11-05 17:29:08)

Ok thank you for your help. p.s. I sent you the link through private message. :-)