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Though chess & Go can be also played for money prizes, these strategy & skills games are clearly not the main games in this industry. This is probably because chess doesn't give chances enough to any player, levels being really far from each other according to the players, and even more at this ancient game from China named Go (weiqi, baduk). Thus, any beginner has no chances against a weak club player, who has no chances himself against a stronger club player. On the contrary, any cards player may win sometimes, just like anyone in chancy games.

Of course we first think about blackjack & poker, but there are many other ones (1 player games like roulette, 2 players, 3 players games and so on) that are playable on more or less trusted websites. In example, slot machines are more played online than you may think. Finding the best places to play real money can be tough, that's why more and more sites giving advices appear on the internet for a few years, and of course finding the best ones can be tough as well.

Casino bonus

Many games that are designed to play for real money are more and more popular on the internet and make the success of online casinos. Some players try it for a few euros, but other ones can spend up to thousands. That's why playing for real money needs some research, to find reliable online casino review websites according to your country, in example to find online casinos in the united states. Moreoever, you may find nice bonus offers, sometimes 100% of the money you upload. Thus, you can try different platforms with lower chances to lose money. Of course, choosing the biggest casino bonus will not always be the best choice, but you will figure out quickly what is safe and what is not.

Playing real money

When approaching casino games, the first thing to do in any place is to try the games without playing real money. Nowadays, most online casinos allow it. By the way, many players enjoy it without risking any euro. Then, if you like the games and feel comfortable & safe with the platform, maybe you'll give it a chance.