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Online casino

Board games and chancy games are played all over the world for thousands of years, Go & chess, card games and sports bets are now common in most of our societies.

The era of online casinos

Of course, all of those games went online since the internet allowed it. It quickly appeared to be a good way to grow their audience. Among card games, poker texas hold'em still gathered more and more players, just like the king of board games: chess!

But online gaming is not limited to chess, Go and poker, many gambling games such as bingo, roulette, blackjack and slots are playable online in virtual casinos, literally in hundreds of web places nowadays. It is just not possible anymore to maintain an accurate list as some new ones appear & disappear each week.

Consequently, a problem nowadays is the too large variety of online casinos. Some of them were proved to be dishonest, that makes the news sometimes, but many are really reliable and the first challenge is to find it. Consequently, the first step is to find a reliable guide to help you to find the very best places if possible in your own country. Why to find an online casino in the same country you live in? Because it is a way to protect you in case of any problem. This way, it is much easier to defend yourself helped by your country's justice that can treat any problem. On the contrary, it is quite obvious than noone can help you if the online casino is actually located ten thousand kilometers away, particularly in certain countries whose law will not care about your case.

In example, when you want to find the best casino in Canada, such a guide that specifies the country may help you to find pertinent information, with all specifications: minimum deposit, accepted currencies (sometimes bitcoin, ethereum...), contact, website address of course & various ratings for the support, games, payouts & so on...

Then you can make the most of the experience of playing real money in various games, and best of all, it offers you various bonuses according to the places. Some of them are more interesting than others, and yes it counts! Do not hesitate to compare it to increase your chances to leave a place with more money than you invested.

Anyway, whatever you like Blackjack, Poker, Slots or Craps, it is always advised to test your favorite games in many places before to play real money, and not to spend more than you can invest. Most webplaces offer a demo mode, where are all games are free to play. Just try it to see if you like the interface, and to get used to it.

    Finally, good luck!