natural herbal remedies better than drugs?

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*xunofu    (2010-06-15)
natural herbal remedies better than drugs?

hi, what do you think about natural herbal remedies?  is it better sometimes (or always) than the drugs prescripted by doctors or is is worse or neutral?  thank you.

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*resuju    (2010-06-15 23:01:03)
natural herbal remedies better than drugs?

It all depends on which ones you're talking about... most are almost neutral according to me but it's always worth a try. Drugs are not everything.

kumail    (2010-09-15 07:44:17)
13 years ago


According to my opinion, natural herbal remedies is far better than all drugs which may have long term side-effects.

Every living is sure that, natural herbs have never ever any side-effect for any skin and it is best for any disease!

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*carders    (2014-05-26 05:36:18)
9 years ago

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