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A. T. S. Broekhuizen    (2024-03-16)
message for Thibault regarding...

... the tournament that I withdrawed from.

Dear Thibault,

February 25. I sent you an email that I had accidentally enrolled in two standard class M tournaments, by clicking a second time before the next page loaded.
This night I saw some new games and assumed it was the new WCC cycle. But upon closer inspection, it was the second Class M tournament that I thought I had withrawn from.
Added to the imminent new WCC this will be a bit much. So is it still possible to fix this?

Thibault de Vassal    (2024-03-18 15:41:26)
message for Thibault regarding...

Hello. Sure... I saw that you started all your games in class M, so you would like to withdraw from WCH ?

A. T. S. Broekhuizen    (2024-03-19 17:27:57)
message for Thibault regarding...

No thanks. I will have to take my time then.