mate in N moves Game is going on


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Iouri Basiliev    (2010-02-25)
mate in N moves. Game is going on :)

Could someone explain to me the reason to play a game for monthes, when there is mate in 7 moves for example? Any engine will found it in a seconds. Any player above 1200 elo understand immediately...

Hannes Rada    (2010-02-25 13:50:31)
mate in N moves. Game is going on :)

Dear Iouri

This is the so called Dead Man Defense(DMD) ....
There are various reasons to play that defense:

1.) Your opponent does not like you
2.) Your opponent does not find the 'resign checkbox'
3.) Your opponent does not want to risk his rating and therefore delays his loss until the next rating calculation period
4.) In good old correspondenc chess times, a player had to write down the words 'I resign' on a postcard - nowadays modern technolgy helps a lot - the player has only to tick a 'resign checkbox' and click a 'send-button' - but this seems task seems still to hard ....

Benjamin Block    (2010-02-25 14:07:21)
mate in N moves. Game is going on :)


5.)Your opponent want you to lose on time. You maybe stop playing because it is too boring.
6.)Your opponent want you to lose on a blunder.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-02-25 14:56:37)
mate in N moves. Game is going on :)

I couldn't say it better than you guys :)

Hi Iouri, if you want to stop the game, you may use the rule 11.5 : You may call the referee a first time, after one month, just call the referee again & the game should be adjudicated.

"11. 5. Adjudications

In some cases, the game continues but the result is obvious.

If time control is superior to 1 day and if a player doesn't want to resign (or accept draw) and obviously last the game, his opponent may report to referee a first time. If the player takes 30 days more to finish the game, his opponent may call referee another time, then the game will be adjudicated. An analysis submitted by a player should contain sufficient information so that no doubt is possible. This may include a sequence of moves, but in some circumstances it may be sufficient to claim a win or a draw on the basis of material or positional advantage. Final decision belongs to referee."

Iouri Basiliev    (2010-02-25 17:17:37)
mate in N moves. Game is going on :)

Thank you, guys! I got the point(s)!

Lazaro Munoz    (2010-02-26 05:07:19)
mate in N moves. Game is going on :)

Hannes, you forgot the most important reason for the DMD, Dead Men make no moves! Your opponent is hoping you will kick the bucket before he runs out of time. In some correspondence organization does not work since death only brings on an adjudication, and with a mate in 7, you will be the winner before grass begins to grow over your opponent.

Garvin Gray    (2010-02-26 19:13:30)
mate in N moves. Game is going on :)

I thought it was a rule on this site that as soon as a tablebase win appears it can be claimed.

I certainly remember this being discussed in the forum and being agreed to.

Iouri Basiliev    (2010-02-26 21:00:23)
mate in N moves. Game is going on :)

It is mate in 7 but 8 pieses :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-02-27 00:14:28)
mate in N moves. Game is going on :)

I can't remember such a rule, but this has been discussed for sure... It seems to me that we concluded that any player (so a player without engines as well) should be able to "see" the end of the game -particularly difficult endgames- if he does not last it for any DMD purpose.

Don Groves    (2010-02-27 01:49:27)
mate in N moves. Game is going on :)

Reason #9: There are many players out there with zero integrity. Unfortunately, some of these players also find their way to FICGS...