i am a go player looking for some thing


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Mik Kris    (2008-05-27)
i am a go player looking for some thing

i know there arent so many of us here but one thing i wuld like to be able to do is to say chalnge some one for a game also how about behing able to bet E-Points on a normal game without having to make a turnemant just to bet aginst my oponent

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-05-27 19:07:57)

Hello Mik.

"chalnge", you mean challenge I assume.

Well, as E-Points may be converted in real money by winning silver/gold games, I bet you understand that it should lead quite quickly to some problems & abuses :)

Mik Kris    (2008-05-27 19:51:18)
Thanks for the quick response

I am sorry I did not think my original idea it all the way And forgat my manners for a moment there I wold like to thank you for building this great site and this opportunity for me to meet many intersting people Yes I wold like to be able to challenge some one for a simple rank game without starting a tournament one more thing might be nice is to get an "are youre ready to play" message before a game in a bullet or lightning tournament

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-05-27 20:04:17)
Advanced Go games

You may play rated bullet & lightning Go games for free against 1 opponent only (see Waiting lists, challenges to a specified player are not available, sorry :/).

The scrolling message should warn you if a bullet or lightning game starts.

Mik Kris    (2008-05-27 20:17:14)
sure yes

yes but a scrolling message is hardly enough i cold be afk while the game begins and just not know it happend also i might miss a whole game in a half a minute i am simply away

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-05-28 00:32:54)
Advanced Go games

Actually, it should also open a pop-up window if your browser allow it for the site. Anyway you should remove from the waiting list if you can't check the page regularly.

Mik Kris    (2008-05-28 08:56:08)
Please understand I realy want to help

But this way any one looking for a fast game is at a disadvange compering to some one wanting a slow one Why cant you just add a function asking you if you are here you do want more people using the server dont you well most players that play go play faster games I realy love faster games and I am thinking of playing a diffrent html server

Don Groves    (2008-05-29 00:17:16)
Fast games vs. slow games

Hi, Mik -- Fast games are more often lost by a mistake rather than won by good play. Many of us enjoy the challenge of finding the best move and winning by good play instead of relying on opponent mistakes. Try it, you may like it too ;-)

Mik Kris    (2008-05-29 06:37:00)
so thing you might not know about go

go is not about making a better move its about keeping the game equal you cant win in go unless youre oponent had a misstake that you fix or a simple misstake you didnt evean have to fix most players take too long to realy understand this hell i know this i stil dont understand it but its true ask any strong player or pro its evean more true in our kyu games where we make a wrong move every few also i took some time lookin at some games on this site it seems that most players here dont use the extra time they have to read or make shape any way in fact many games are lost becouse of misstakes in reading what seems to me becuse the lack of faster games where you have to read perfactly fast