how to start a go game


how to start a go game?

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Xuan Feng    (2007-11-19)
how to start a go game?

hi guys, can someone show me how to start a game. is this server a real time go server?

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-11-19 01:52:29)
how to start a Go game

Hello Xuan.

This server is mainly a correspondence chess & Go server, then a real time chess & Go server.

You may enter a tournament in "Waiting lists", Go tournaments are below chess tournaments. "Advanced tournaments" are real time tournaments, but most are tournaments with entry fee & prizes, you can play 20 "bronze" games free with your 2 E-Points.

Feel free to enter a Dan, Kyu III, Kyu II, Kyu I tournament, according to your provisional rating.

Xuan Feng    (2007-11-19 02:00:07)

you guys play games by email ?

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-11-19 02:07:51)
server based games

No, of course :) .. there are interfaces for each game played here, see tournaments & games. When a tournament starts, your moves can be notified to you by email but you have to connect to the server to play your moves.

See also Help -