how to play Go and Poker Holdem


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Ranganathan Raman    (2009-04-23)
how to play Go and Poker Holdem?

any one teach here step by step
this is more use ful too new users

William Taylor    (2009-04-23 00:30:52)

Regarding go, have you seen 'The Interactive Way To Go' ( That's an excellent free online guide for beginners. I'd also be happy to give you a teaching game if Thibault could set one up, though I'm not strong myself (about 6 kyu KGS).

Ranganathan Raman    (2009-04-23 01:49:50)
William Taylor

thank you

Ranganathan Raman    (2009-04-28 01:07:11)
Poker Holdem when to hold?

what is hidden? for ex any game

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-04-28 09:49:47)

"hidden" means that your hand is not shown to your opponent, you only can see it. (I'll add a title to the text)