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Normajean Yates    (2008-07-13)
help - chat column missing

I can see a white-background black-text chat column / frame on the right in some of my computer, but they are absent in others. Can someone please help? Windows XP, firefox 2, adblock plus [popups enables for ficgs]

Normajean Yates    (2008-07-13 23:08:00)
to make it clearer -

on some machines i see a ticker-tape ie horizontal-scrolling text - messages, quotes, forum posts etc - in a white box. I suppose that is the message box. But no chat column below it.

On others I see a fixed-text chat column.

Sorry, at first i put this into another thread by mistake, staring another thread. I dont know how to delete it.

Normajean Yates    (2008-07-13 23:38:50)
ok solved thanks

ok it comes only when i go to my messages. sorry to disturb.

Normajean Yates    (2008-07-14 00:19:41)
It has gone again... help!

I logged out and logged in, the chat bar has disappeared again! Whether i am in 'my messages' or not!

I don't understand!

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-07-14 02:15:03)
chat column

Hmm.. I have no explanation (yet)

Did anyone else encounter this problem ?

Normajean Yates    (2008-07-14 03:52:29)

I will check whether my other computers have different settings for adblock plus etc. Or it is time to go to firefox 3!!

I have adblockplus with a filter-updater on this machine but not on others; but i don't think ABP is the problem.

Normajean Yates    (2008-07-14 04:29:14)
thanks thibault, it was adblock problem

the adblock-filter-updater i was using was too strong :)

As a courtesy, as long as I am a free memner I have allowed all ads that appear that appear on this site :)