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game 6909 query

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Graham Woodcock    (2007-03-29)
game 6909 query

Regarding game 6909 (on Best Games), can someone explain the thinking behind 10.exf5 when white could have moved 10.gxf6 instead? Also, why did black then choose 10. ... d5, which allowed 11.gxf6 when the f6 knight could have been moved to safety on blackís 10th move? Iím sure there must be some good reasoning for those moves, but I canít see it. Cheers.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-29 17:53:03)
game 6909

There was great games following this opening in the past, I remember particularly one by Judit Polgar.

Ok, let's see.. 10. ...Ng8 then.. brr, this position is simply frightening, does it really need an explanation :) .. if 10.Nfd7 then 11.Qh5, 12.O-O-O actually there's no particular line to justify 10. ...d5 IMO, the attack simply looks so strong in other cases... At least it obviously deals with obvious weaknesses in Black's position by giving some air.

Any other try to explain this hard opening ? :)