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Wayne Lowrance    (2008-09-29)
copy games/s to *.cbh in fritz

can it be done ? thank you Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-09-29 14:08:22)
Fritz GUI

Hi Wayne,

I have no doubt it can be done, but I can't say how... Anyone ?

Benjamin Block    (2008-09-29 15:06:47)
Copy game to fritz?

If you mean in fritz openingsbook you can do this.
You do this in frtitz 11 i just have that and fritz 6
Start the program fritz 11
Press "Edit"
Press "openingsbook" and "Improtgames..."
Now you choose the databas you want to use in this question you want the game from ficgs. I don┤t rember the file name. But i think you can found it.

Wayne Lowrance    (2008-09-29 17:06:19)
How to make a *.cbh from ficgs

That is the problem, I cannot find a path file name for the ficgs games. Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-09-29 17:26:36)
How to make a *.cbh from ficgs

In the worst case, it should be possible to open a PGN file, copy the games and paste it in an opened CBH database, then save it, or to make a CBH database from the PGN file then merge the two CBH databases... Sorry, I don't have the GUI here :/

Josef Riha    (2008-09-29 19:32:36)
Hallo Wayne,

it's a little difficult, I believe.
Start Fritz and then change to the Database(the very right icon in the iconbar). Then click New Database. In the dialogue enter the name, e.g.: FICGS.cbh and open it. Remember the directory displayed at top.
Now go to your ficgs site and download your games in that directory.
After this load one game after the other and save them as New Game. That's all.

Wayne Lowrance    (2008-09-30 00:14:59)
ownloading ficgs games

thank you Josef. My problem is I see no way to download ficgs games, that is my problem, the rest of the stuff i know. wayne

Josef Riha    (2008-09-30 02:17:46)
Re: ownloading

No problem, at the bottom of each game you find a link to download(after the two enter fields for comments).

Wayne Lowrance    (2008-09-30 03:13:54)
copy games

Thank you so much Joseph. I followed your instructions. I was able to copy a game, but again when I ried to place it in mydatabase it just didnt happen. Thank you Wayne

Wayne Lowrance    (2008-09-30 03:15:07)
copy games

OOps, sorry for mis-spelling your name Wayne

Josef Riha    (2008-09-30 09:01:07)
copy games

No problem :-)
Very dubious! I've done this several times and it works.
After loading the .pgn file into the GUI you must change to your database and in that window click on the 'add game' icon(I don't know how it is written in the English version). A dialogue appears where you can edit some datas. With OK it is saved.
I hope you don't misunderstand my extensive description:-)
An easier way is to create a new game and parallel to FICGS you enter the moves done by you and your opponent.
Greetings, Josef.

Tano-Urayoan Russi Roman    (2008-09-30 19:29:45)
Maybe use Chessbase 8-9-10 or light

The problem is Fritz is not designed as database you have more flexibility using Chessbase. After downloading the game ( it is saved as pgn ) You need to open that game and choose File-Save As- Here you are given the choice to save the game to a database of your choice, for example, lets create My FICGS games, open Chessbase, File-New Database-and create your database in any place you want, generally My documents-Chessbase-etc. So after you have created your database open the downloaded game , again I suggest open it with Chessbase, and choose File-Save As- and put it in the database we created My FICGS games, voila. In Fritz creating a database takes 2 more clicks. First go to File-Open database or F12 then in that window choose File-New database or Ctrl+X , and the the same procedure as above. Choose your path , name it, then open your downloaded game(s)and Save As, choose the database of your preferences. Even in chessbase light this is possible, but the number of games in each database is restricted to 50,000 I believe. Hope this helps

Benjamin Block    (2008-09-30 19:32:15)
Download all ficgs.com games!

Press on "Search games" (in left)
Now you can see in the top your name under there you can see Chess and "ALL games (PGN)" /Benjamin

Wayne Lowrance    (2008-09-30 22:15:05)
Download ficgs games

Thanks to all for the help, very nice and helpfull. Now let me see if I can do it Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-10-01 20:28:43)
Download "My" ficgs.com games

I still have to add a button to download only "My" games... this is in the 'wish list'.