clock implementation


clock implementation

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Wayne Lowrance    (2009-12-11)
clock implementation

Hello Thibault. In my tournament SM11 my clock increment may not have been added after first 10 moves in all my games. If you have a time stamp would you please examine it. My remaining days left does not suggest that 40 moves have been added at end of the 10 move slot in my games. Knowing my operating habits it sure sound wrong.

Understand this please, unless you can verify with time stamp or whatever I do not want any adjustments. I will play as the remaining time in each game remains. Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-12-11 21:32:06)
40 days increment

Hi Wayne, I see no problem with the clocks, I can see in the logs that 40 days have been added after move 10, you can see it in our game at least where you have more than 40 days remaining. About the other games, your opponents played fast, that may be a reason, by the way you also take several days per move in our 8 games match. Too many running games may be another reason (I know that :))

Time flies away, definitely !

Wayne Lowrance    (2009-12-11 21:56:40)
clock implementation

Okey dokey Thibault, case closed. I must pay more attention to timers. I confess to not paying much attention. In hindsite it just did not look right. :)