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chess archives in pgn

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Roberto Battaglia    (2020-06-04)
chess archives in pgn

A few days ago, in the chat, I put some questions regarding the existence or not of archives of chess games and their organization. The chat doesn't allow many words so I take advantage of the forum for explaining the matter.
For example on the ICCF website I find for each player a file with all his chess games, I also find archives of all the games played year by year. This allows me to create excellent databases, using for example SCID.
I also would like to add the games played on FICS but, perhaps for my limit, I was able to find only one way to access the pgn. that is: I type the name of a player in the search box and press go. If, for example, I write Fric (Fric Lubos is a friend of mine who attends both ICCF and FICGS) I find all his PNGs but there are mixed games of poker and chess and this creates a problem because I have to separate them by looking at them one by one.
I hope I was clear. Obviously it is possible that I have not seen some functions of the site that allow to access to archives where could be stored games divided by year, by player and by type of game. I thank all those who want to answer me and wish everyone good and winning games.

Thibault de Vassal    (2020-06-04 13:04:11)
chess archives in pgn

Hello Roberto,

Thanks for detailing your question here.

Yes, the "Go" function below the menu is very general and does not help much for what you would like to do.

The "Search games" option in the menu (below "Waiting lists" and "Tournaments") brings more specific ways:

Years ago, I considered that the complete PGN database was enough to build easily specific databases (player or any criteria, combinations of it, etc.) by using a database software.

Then I added a few search options, per player & per game (chess or Go), per opening, per rating (black or white) and per material for endgames... Of course, this will not replace a serious database like Chessbase.

I hope I was clear too... Does this help?

Roberto Battaglia    (2020-06-04 19:27:43)
chess archives in pgn

Very much
thanks indeed

Miroslav Gazi    (2020-06-09 12:13:50)
chess archives in pgn

Hello Roberto,
I could provide you e.g. PGN file games for Lubos Fric (or any other ICCF or FICGS player) as FRIC_595Games from our database


if you are interested.

Best regards





July 08, 2020

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