casino games


Casino games

The most famous casino games may be divided into three categories that you will easily recognize in the linked and quite helpful website : electronic gaming machines, table games and random number ticket games (keno, simulated racing). Gaming machines (slot machines, pachinko) are usually played by one player at a time. Whether you play alone or with friends, all of these games are available to play through a smartphone or tablet device on a wide variety of websites like this one.

The era of poker texas holdem

The great success of poker texas hold'em continues to gather more and more players, by its incredibly complex tactics and probabilities. Among the most famous poker tournaments, WSOP (World Series of Poker) is known worldwide already while less and less people know the name of current chess world champion.

Of course, online gaming isn't all about chess as there are gambling online games such as bingo, craps, roulette, blackjack and slots. By the way, players who want to make the most of the experience may look for an online casino bonus before starting to play, you'll find some on this website.

In all cases, if you're fond of chancy games you should have a look at this kind of websites to help you to make the best of the numerous and, let's say it more or less trustable websites involved in this huge business.

Please note that UK have recently been harder against licensed casinos, which means many casinos doesn't include gamification anymore.

Here are the most common table games :

Cards :

- Asian stud
- Asia Poker
- Australian Pontoon
- Baccarat
- Blackjack
- Blackjack switch
- Casino Hold'em
- Casino war
- Caribbean Stud Poker
- Chinese poker
- Faro
- Four card poker
- Let It Ride
- Mambo stud
- Pai gow poker
- Poker
- Red Dog
- Spanish 21
- Texas Hold'em
- Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker
- Three card poker
- Two-up
- Penny-up

Random numbers :

- Big Six wheel
- Roulette

Dices / Tiles :

- Craps
- Pai Gow
- Sic bo
- Chuck-a-luck

And here are the most common non-table games :

Gaming machines :

- Pachinko
- Slot machine
- Video Lottery Terminal
- Video poker

Random numbers :

- Bingo
- Keno

All of these games are played at a long-term advantage for the casino (so called the "house"), however in some casino games such as Spanish 21 and Blackjack the player makes decisions, so the house edge may be reduced to about 0.5%, even more if the player uses some techniques as card counting. If you look for a free guide about online casinos, casino bonuses and games, have a look at our links that will show you how to make the best of it by doing the right choices in, let's say it, what looks like a full universe by itself nowadays.