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bug: en-passant captures

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Elmer Valderrama    (2006-08-25)
bug: en-passant captures

In the ongoing games of players Herr, Jeff v Sarihan, Sefa FICGS_CHESS_RAPID_C_000004 and FIGCS_CHESS_CLASS_G_000003 there is an "en-passant" capture (move 10.dxc6) which is not allowed by the chess rules (as I know them, maybe FIDE Congress has already changed them ;) The pawn c was first moved to c6 (3...c6) and then to c5 (9...c5) Somehow, the player Herr managed to capture the pawn by playing 10.dxc6 after 9...c5, which was accepted by both the player Sarihan and the interface ..(!?!) And the same happened in the game Ducreux, Regis v Sarihan, Sefa FIGCS_CHESS_CLASS_F_000007, this time pawn c was moved twice again (2...c6 and 10...c5) and captured ("of course") by 11. dxc6.. 8()

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-08-25 13:33:40)
Re: bug: en-passant captures.......

Weird. Somebody better squash that bug soon.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-25 13:38:16)
Re: bug: en-passant captures


Thanks Elmer !

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-26 01:08:25)
bug fixed: en-passant captures

The "en-passant" bug is now fixed.

According to the rules, the games have been adjudicated...

Sorry to the players :/

Jay Melquiades    (2006-08-28 06:18:00)
help any1 thibault?

in chess960 tourney,game 2754,the interface is denying my opponent a en passant move. pls fix it

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-28 13:25:31)
bug: en-passant captures

Hello Jay.

That's right, I obviously lost my brain somewhere :/

I can't deal with this problem today, but it will probably be fixed wednesday (clocks will be corrected). Sorry about that..

Benjamin Aldag    (2006-08-28 17:49:49)
take it easy

Hey Thibault,

take it easy and solve the problems step by step ;-) No one runs away from here 8-]


Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-31 03:07:33)
bug: en-passant captures

Hello Jay and Benjamin.

Problem is solved.

No link with the previous bug, just forgot to correct the chess 960 case.