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red sole shoes   (2012-04-18)

Real estate agents say they have good reason to avoid for- sale-by-owner homes. For starters, they say sellers who go it alone are usually unfamiliar with the mechanics of negotiating the complex transaction and they end up leaning heavily on the buyer's agent. "You end up doing the work that the seller should be paying their agent to do," said Joan Catton Cromwell, an agent at Mc Unearned Associates in the District. "Also, red sole shoes the sellers are emotionally involved with the property and they all think their house is the best house on the block, even when it's not. That makes it very difficult for them to come to grips with the value of the home." Another reason agent may stay away: low-ball commissions. "There's really no motivation for a Realtor to show a home if the seller is only offering 1 percent or 1.5 percent commission" to the buyer's agent, said Larry Lessen, owner of Save6. "From a practical point of view, if you want to get the most traffic, you have to offer at least 2.5 percent." When it came to shamelessly hamming it up, keyboardist Duke needed no encouragement during the opening set — certainly not while playing the role of an anguished lover, kneeling between piano and synthesizers, resting his aching head in one hand. The crowd ate it up, but the concert's highlights weren't comically melodramatic. Traditionally, sellers are the ones who pay commissions to the brokers who work for them. Those brokers keep a portion of the money and pay an agreed- upon share, red soled pumps typically as much as half of the total commission, to the brokers who work for the buyer. Each brokerage then compensates its respective real estate agents involved in the deal. Still, sellers can haggle over those rates. Why should the buyer care? Whatever the commission, the real estate industry's code of ethics states that agents who work with potential buyers have an obligation to show properties that match the buyers' criteria regardless of the commission offered, said Jonathan Hill, president of Real Estate Business In? "The agent shouldn't pick and choose based on what the agent wants," Hill said.
Those who do are likely to find themselves in an awkward situation now that many house hunters search listings on the Web, Hill said. "The buyer will see a house that they're interested in, wave it under the Realtor's nose and say, 'Why didn't you show me this?'

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