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christian louboutin pumps   (2012-03-21)

Hoffman says he's not suffering any separation anxiety on leaving the stage. "I don't have any pangs christian louboutin pumps about leaving. I've been getting a flood of e-mails and texts and phone calls . . . people telling me they just can't believe they're not going to get to see me work again, or, if it's someone in the industry, expressing a modicum of dismay that we're never getting to work together. And that's been lovely . . . so from a postal¬ gic point of view, that will always be there. But it's important to remember that I'm not leaving the industry. I will absolutely be front and center with Washington Theater, albeit from the other side of the footlights, and for me, that's a charming segue." The Folger Theatre's artistic producer, Janet Alexander Griffin, decided that "Henry VIII" was such a hit for the Folger this season; she would bring back the same creative team for "Othello" next season. The lineup: Robert Richmond, who staged "Henry VIII," will return to direct, accompanied by "Henry VIII" costume designer William Ivey Long and scenic designer Tony Cusec. Kenyan actor Owasso Opera, who is based in Los Angeles, will play Othello opposite Ian Merrill Peaks as Imago. Peaks played the title role in "Henry VIII." "The Gaming Table" by early-18th-century British dramatist Susanna Cantilever, Eleanor Hold ridge, who heads the graduate directing program at Catholic University, will stage Cantilever’s 1705 work, which Griffin describes as a "sparkling period comedy" with good roles for women. Cantilever was one of the few successful female playwrights of her era. The play's original title, "The Bassett Table," referred to a card game, but Griffin and christian louboutin boots Hold ridge thought it was too obscure. The play will coincide with the Folgers Shakespeare Library's "Celebration of1, 000Years of Women Writers" festival.

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