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"I think my temperament is the one that kills me," he said. "I get hot too easy. It's no good for this game. You need to be very cool. I am fighting this all the time." Possibly, he suggested christian louboutin peep toe, he was actually miscast as a golfer. As if the farmer's son who learned to play golf with just one club, a rusted 3-iron with a stick for a shaft, could have done anything else. "What would I be?" he asked, shrugging. "A farmer, a fisherman?" It was typical Ballesteros; deprecating, refusing to take his troubles or himself unduly seriously. Even though he wasn't hoisting trophies anymore, he didn't lose his basic appetite for the game. "It's not just winning, it's the pleasure of hitting the shots that you want," he said. "To play this game and have pleasure." He could cry bitterly over a loss, yet he often summoned humor in the midst of calamity, and some of his funniest remarks came from it. After brutally hacking out of Rae's Creek at the Masters one year, he remarked laughingly, "Next time I'm going to kill that creek." Then there was his notorious four-putt at Augusta, which he summed up with "I miss, I miss, I miss, I make." Asked to elaborate he said, "The first putt I hit was christian louboutin bridal shoes pretty good. The second putt I hit wasn't bad. The third putt . . . didn't go in." In reply to a question about how to play St. Andrews, he said: "You have to hit it in the right place. Which is left?"

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