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Bloch, in late 2006, famously called Geeks on Call to conduct a "seven-level" scrub of his office computer's hard drive and the laptops used by his top deputies. That operation, which diesel boyfriend jeans Bloch said was needed to deal with a computer virus, makes any data retrieval virtually impossible. As part of his guilty plea last year, he admitted that he didn't tell congressional staff that he knew the procedure would wipe most everything out. In the suit, spotted by Courthouse News Service, Bloch accuses the defendants of a stunning array of misdeeds, including conspiring to "violate civil an constitutional rights" by "selective and vindictive investigation and threatened prosecution and willful subornation Armani Skirts of perjury and tampering [with] grand jury proceedings" as well as "intentional and negligent infliction of mental and emotional distress" and for violating his rights to "Free Speech, Petition of Congress, Freedom of Religion," among other rights, and for defamation, slander and libel. There is, on Page 23, a tantalizing tale of an unnamed White House "emissary from the West Wing" who, in March 2006, tells Bloch that they "wanted him to leave his job," and if he did, the IG womnens Boyfriend Jeans investigation "would likely fade away." In addition, Bloch says, the "emissary knew of several large law firms" who could get him a "good job," and said that Bloch might later be in line for a judgeship "either on the federal circuit or the federal court of claims." Bloch said he refused. guserviceonline(at)

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