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christian louboutin sale   (2011-08-02)

Apical side with each of the worn

      1 square root or slope with high heels

      Root and the christian louboutin sale  slope with the health effects of high heels would be smaller, they can help the body maintain a certain balance, strength will not let you work for a large sense of vertigo, but the root and the slope compared with  christian louboutin salethe weight of the shoes large, will bring a lot of pressure for the foot, often wearing makes you lower extremity edema, weight gain.

      Pace in order to ease the pressure, we christian louboutin for sale  can beat the leg more than the meridian, the focus of the gall bladder beat lateral thigh and calf on the bladder. Beat 3 times a day, up christian louboutin for sale slightly sore sweating, can speed up the rate of limb fat metabolism, help remove toxins legs.

      (2) tip with high heels

      4-6 cm high heels to wear

      U.S. health experts found christian louboutin sale    that wearing high heels the most help to 4-6 cm to lose weight, the height of the shoes can effectively consume the hearts of dust abdominal fat metabolic rate, so that your flat stomach, christian louboutin sale sexy. 4-6 cm, but often wears high heels, the biggest drawback is that it makes your back pressure, resulting in pain sensation, can sleep for Zhang soft point of the christian louboutin for sale mattress, reducing the back pressure.

6-8 cm high heels to wear

      When the heels up to 6-8 cm in christian louboutin sale  height, walking, your body will naturally focus christian louboutin for sale  on the shift, if wearing a 7 cm high heels to go 2 hours, neck stiffness will increase 22%, health experts generally do not recommend to face the computer's OL 6-8 cm high heels to wear, this will increase the pressure christian louboutin for sale  on the neck. 2 hours in high heels after wearing the shoes off, let your feet rest for 15 minutes, and soles of the feet before the 1 / 3 of the Yongquan to moderate christian louboutin for sale massage to relieve foot stress.

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