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CHI Hair Iron   (2011-06-10)

Because a Sedu hairstyle basically consists of very straight hair - - long or short - - just about anybody can achieve it. While many people who already have straight hair can accomplish the "silky" and straight look with their hair by simply blow drying it, a person with very curly or kinky hair can achieve this type of hairstyle by utilizing a CHI Hair Iron or Ceramic Hair Iron on their entire head of hair.Prior to the CHI Hair Iron and Ceramic Hair Iron, it was extremely difficult for people who have very curly or kinky hair to obtain straight hair. It used to be necessary to have hair straightened in a professional salon, using chemicals. However, the CHI Hair Iron and Ceramic Hair Iron has all but eliminated the need to pay someone to straighten most types of hair.Also, the CHI Hair Iron and Ceramic Hair Iron does away with the need for a person with curly or kinky hair to stand in their bathroom with a blow dryer and metal round brush for hours on end blow drying their hair straight - - only to achieve mediocre results.

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