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Eight Things to Avoid with How to Last Longer in B   (2012-03-26)

Much like there are things that you can do to make sex better, there are also things that you should not do to make it last longer. Perhaps one of the most fretted over questions in the sexual world for men today is: how to last longer in bed for men. It’s easily as popular a topic as erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction is. The key reasons for this are because most men have no clue how to last longer in bed for men. To help assist you in defeating premature ejaculation, make sure to avoid the following eight things that can contribute to it. While these may seem like easy items at first glance, you would be surprised at how many men are guilty of doing them.

Top Eight Things to Avoid with How to Last Longer in Bed for Men
1. Curb alcohol consumption and moderate it – it will deplete key hormones that help you with how to last longer in bed for men.<br>
2. Avoid smoking tobacco products – these contain chemicals that constrict the blood vessels and contribute to premature ejaculation.<br>
3. Don’t drink too much caffeine, as this chemical is a diuretic, which means that it can also reduce your ability to last longer and speed up ejaculation.<br>
4. Lack of sleep can easily reverse your sexual stature and stamina in the bedroom, and it can also deplete key levels of nutrients necessary for long lasting sex.<br>
5. Stress, anxiety and depression are deal breakers in the bedroom. They all cause the body to release a flight or fight hormone called cortisol, which is thought to contribute to premature ejaculation.<br>
6. Imbalanced diets are a large factor in premature ejaculation. Men who are not eating properly will lack the balance of nutrients for how to last longer in bed for men.<br>
7. Certain sexual positions like “doggy style” and missionary position provide over stimulation. (Try cow girl instead.) <br>
8. Drug abuse of any kind can not only seriously harm your health, but it can easily prevent you from knowing how to last longer in bed for men because the stimulants are in your system.

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