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Passfeed social networking app connects American U   (2015-10-10)

Passfeed is known amongst American college boys and girls for the huge social and physical benefits it is offering them in a platter of gold. It is dynamically designed with the aim to bridge the gap between American students, their way of life and furthermore with the right learning culture.
This is the social networking app for the 21st century and with its latest newer version 2.0 just released, the flow and connections it delivers has just taken another giant leap – as more features now affords members on the network better navigations, quicker searches and finding the right party based on actual geography with flag and city indications.
Passfeed networking platform is very easy to use and with a touch of button on your iPhone or Android phone – you can download the award-winning app and start connecting with other college sexy ladies, and cute guys on a day to day basis.
Life just gets better and simplified on this platform, and it is the best thing to ever happen in this generation and with its huge growing database, it surely would be there to serve its users for many centuries to come.
Users on this network can also connect via Facebook; but its features and capabilities plus flexibilities cannot be anywhere compared to Facebook or Twitter because it is more focused and centralized on the USA colleges’ demography.
How has it been transforming lives? Well we all know that in America and other parts of the world, one of the major culprits to suicide missions is BOREDOM & STRESS! Passfeed is aware of these factors and has designed its platform to be highly entertaining and educative; thus members are always up with fresh updates and news for the soul.
Members can exchange lovely and exciting sexy pictures and videos and instantly the community will respond by rating it or sharing it.
It is one of the biggest and best apps for party finding and also the best for college life and dating.
Now you can meet that damsel you have always wanted to meet by just searching her out on the network and you open up a discussion. Healthy blossoming relationships have been founded via this network and American college students are living to their fullest potentials since the breakthrough introduction of this college dating app in the schools.
It is indeed an app that has united the American college folks, with better relationships made, and fresh new ideas being exchanged – making these students look up to meeting in school to further hook up and experiment the exciting deals on updates via the network medium.
You should be on this network, if you desire better relationships and enjoy a whole new better approach to learning!
About Passfeed:
Passfeed is a popular American social networking application for easy people-to-people networking & connection. By using this app, users can share and upload photos of their precious moments with several viewers and can get feedback, find parties nearby and strike new exciting relationships. To know more, log on to the portal of this app or download the app for free.

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