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reliable shopping agency in China, you can buy Chinese cheap online products. You can buy cheap clothing, shoes, and cheap digital products from yoybuy

Review of taobao agent shopping service   (2012-01-07)

Review of taobao agent shopping service

Most of people know taobao are relatively cheaper compare to other C2C or B2C, taobao is a vast marketing with all prices of items, but also full of treasure in a way, just have to spend lots of time on it.taoabo is essentially for locals, and foreigners when live in USA or UK, you really need to have a working knowledge of Chinese to be successful in using TaoBao , but no Chinese bank account , can’t stand the constant bargaining. So, how should you proceed?.and how long does the delivery take? All are problem, and find an taobao agent is smart choice.

The only thing you need to add the items to your cart, and yoybuy buyers will ask the taobao seller if they have the item in stock . Some sellers will list stuff that they don’t actually have in hand. Review

Communication : maybe your order had to be custom sized, but at the time you may not aware of which sellers are willing to make them in your size. You may supply long list of items and many questions customer service. when everything changed yoybuy site will update timely. When one of the items did not fit yoybuy buyer staffs will do themselves to help and offered to take it back and contact the taobao seller. it was nice to see that how professional the yoybuy taobao agent.

Packaging : The packing are very good, Everything was bagged, individually wrapped, and layered with paper.

Shipping: yoybuy suggest you shipping EMS and share 50% off, it is also safe and fast. Yoybuy customer service sent the parcel tracking number to clients, it is about 7 days..

ht*p:// taobao agent company do business more than 3 years, much experience of buying from sellers, checking quality, delivery and so on. high reputation on the clients, saves much time in bargaining.You may buy a few things from taobao with yoybuy taobao agent service, and you will find that it is very great.

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