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Costantino Proietti    (2012-02-08)
annotated games

It could be useful to create a section in the site where to post our annotated games.

Don Groves    (2012-02-08 10:28:05)
annotated games

See Wikichess.

Costantino Proietti    (2012-02-08 22:24:03)
annotated games

I don't see annotated games in Wikichess, but just an opening database with few annotations about early moves.

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-02-09 09:56:26)
annotated games

It is possible to post moves until the end of the game in Wikichess (and to comment it). But you can post a game in the forum as well (see the Help section to see how to post a board).

If the game was played at FICGS you can comment it after the game finishes.

Don Groves    (2012-02-10 16:16:53)
annotated games

The Wikichess rules state:

"To add a complete game in Wikichess, just enter all moves and a commentary at the very last move, starting with "End of game : ", in example...

End of game : G. Kasparov - A. Karpov : 1/2-1/2 (Moscow)"

So it seems it is possible to add any game.

Costantino Proietti    (2012-02-12 19:30:55)
annotated games

Thanks a lot. Now I know how, but I don't find on this page:
where writing my post?!

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-02-12 19:47:17)
annotated games

That's not the right place IMO. The game would not be visible enough. See Wikichess, just follow the moves and enter the new moves if needed. That's quite long though, sorry it surely needs an update.

Why not posting it in the forum as well? We could see it more easily. Just enter [ PGN ] (without the spaces) followed by the complete game in Portable Game Notation format, then finish with [ /PGN ]

Costantino Proietti    (2012-02-12 21:41:15)
annotated games

Thanks again. I tried to enter the moves in Wikichess but the answer is "the move is incorrect"
Maybe I'm not yet over 2000?

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-02-12 21:58:53)
annotated games

What move did you enter? You have to enter it in PGN format.

Ali Raza    (2012-02-12 23:32:40)
BRE : Home (VBPmalikraza)

Results of @BREwatford #passivhaus competition due tomorrow afternoon. Winning homes to be on our Innovation Parks.

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-02-12 23:51:53)
annotated games

... is that a spam? :)

Costantino Proietti    (2012-02-13 08:55:50)
annotated games

who is Ali Raza?

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-02-13 14:12:24)
annotated games

New player... maybe.

William Taylor    (2012-02-13 18:54:29)
annotated games

Definitely looks like spam.

Rolf Staggat    (2012-03-12 21:42:15)
annotated games

BRE is SPAM from Watford near London.