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*yauba    (2009-04-23)
Yauba : Anonymous searches

Did you try this new indian search engine ?  The results are good and really well displayed (by type, images, videos, blogs, social networks [facebook, myspace, bebo...], pdf and so on...), the best thing is that you can choose to make searches anonymously, the server will not store your data.


Google may have concurrency... one day.

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 About us
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 Yauba : The World’s First Privacy Safe Search Engine | Xanda's Blog !~!
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 Yauba - A different take on search engine | Clipmarks
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Amazing and Unusual Lakes: Wonders of The Natural World...
service on a completely anonymous basis (with the only exception...

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 Search Engine Yauba: Privacy First - Page 2 - Steam Users' Forums
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Site Content Copyright Valve Corporation 1998-2010, All Rights...

 Online Utilities ~ ThermionicEmissions
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 Free, Open Source Anonymous Browsing software|OpenDEN
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$(function () { // //...

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Ask has decided to abandon its search engine in favor of using...

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 » New search engine respects your privacy | Bid Ant Blog
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