Xavier Pichelin is old and new WC


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Wolfgang Utesch    (2009-04-30)
Xavier Pichelin is old and new WC

Congratulations for the his win - he was better than me!
I'd like to have a longer outside from chess.
My interestings are actually more in endurance sports like cycling.
All the best for the future,

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-04-30 11:51:21)
Xavier Pichelin is old and new WC

Hi Wolfgang ! I suppose the score (12-0) can't give an exact image of the games that were really interesting so far, I hope we'll have a few comments from Xavier on the games...

Anyway, all the best to you and take care, cycling may be more dangerous than chess sometimes :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-04-30 12:16:34)
Xavier Pichelin wins the 2nd FICGS WCH

First of all, congratulations Xavier !

That's a real performance to beat Wolfgang in a match (whatever the score..).

These games will have to be analyzed, Xavier has good positions but the FICGS withdrawals rule 11.6 may apply in a few games (otherwise basically Xavier's future rating is 2682 !!).

Any opinion on each game is welcome.

Hannes Rada    (2009-04-30 19:16:18)
Wolfgang's retirement

Wolfgang, I am really shocked about your decision.
However I can understand, that from time to time someone needs a break from the daily chess analysis routine.
Although some of the positions look favourable for Xavier, I think that most of them could be defended.
I thought that according the rules games will not be rated if less then 10 moves are played.
So imho this match should be rated and we should not have any problem with Xavier's 2682 rating.

And we know also now the next WC:

Xavier Pichelin - Edward Kotlyanskiy !

Marc Lacrosse    (2009-05-01 00:02:15)
Rating or not

I just happened to be in the same situation in a wch semifinal against Dirk Ghysens : for some personal reason my opponent decided to withdraw.
All games were far beyond the 10th move.
Thibault decided that only two of the eight games should be kept for rating.
I do not understand why his decision seems to be completely different in the present case a few weeks later.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-05-01 20:57:25)
Applying FICGS rules

I just had a deeper look at the 12 games and I applied FICGS rules only (just like in the match Lacrosse-Ghysens).

According to me, Xavier has an advantage in game 28302, it is not so clear in game 28305 but IMO this game should be rated also. As a result, 4 games will be rated in this match, Xavier's future rating is now 2577.

Wayne Lowrance    (2009-05-01 21:26:06)

My congratulations to both.

Marc Lacrosse    (2009-05-02 11:36:33)
To Wayne

Winning because of opponent withdrawal does not deserve any congratulation ...
It is a real pity.
Moreover in my case the most probable outcome would have been a (close) victory for my opponent.

Sophie Leclerc    (2009-05-14 03:09:09)
To give it up.

Game 28299 looked fantastique for black, I don't believe he should lose here.

I find it terrible to give up when you have great game to play. The game did not looked to violent, but why in hell someone would like to give up, when he does not a disavantage. Black looks okay.

it is a shame. Why we can't see the end of it.

Normajean Yates    (2009-05-16 04:29:30)

On an English-language site, it would perhaps be more appropriate to use the abbreviation WCh or something -- anything but WC :/