World Championship Tiebreaks

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Game result  (chess)

A. Bukharin, 2241
J. Schmidt, 2219


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William Taylor    (2018-10-27)
World Championship Tie-breaks

For many years, the reigning classical world chess champion had draw odds. The chess world eventually realised this was both unfair to the challenger and uninteresting for the spectators, and introduced a rapid and blitz playoff match for use in the event that the players remained tied after the classical portion of the match. There have always been, and will continue to be grumbles about this system (mostly that the classical WC should be decided by classical games), but overall it is popular (as I imagine can be seen from online viewing figures from the Carlsen-Karjakin match, for example) and, to my mind at least, fairer than the alternative. I propose something similar for the FICGS WC match: an advanced chess tie-break match. Granted, there is the same objection as for the classical WC match - advanced chess is not the same as correspondence chess. However, the combatants will already have had ample opportunity (12 games) to decide matters in that format. An advanced chess tie-break would provide much more sporting interest, as the current system is becoming a bit predictable (this is not in any way a dig at the incumbent, Eros Riccio, who is just doing what he has to do, and doing it very well). I think the match would also be great for promoting FICGS - you could stream it live on Twitch, for example, perhaps with commentary. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2018-10-28 22:56:53)
World Championship Tie-breaks

Just force them to play tie-breaker(s) in the game which hasn't draw (as possible result) - for example, poker or go/baduk.

William Taylor    (2018-10-28 23:09:11)
World Championship Tie-breaks

I'm not sure that's appropriate for a chess event, but it has given me another idea: a mixed game tournament for the overall FICGS WC title.

Zack Stephen    (2018-10-30 13:14:19)
World Championship Tie-breaks

agree with William, eros can draw these matches with his eyes closed at this point, he can easily be champion for the foreseeable future unless a format change is made.

Some other ideas for consideration: Force specific opening thematics in the final (ie each has to play black/white of a kings gambit, or other speculative openings

Don't provide the +1 day for each move. Make the games a set amount of time say 45 days for 60 moves

Make each side play BIG, random, or other variants as tie breaker until a winner is determined

Ilmars Cirulis    (2018-10-30 18:57:46)
World Championship Tie-breaks

I don't see any problem with Eros being champion like forever. The games still have to be drawn, and quality of them are great anyway. :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-10-31 03:04:21)
World Championship Tie-breaks

Well, the 1 day per move rule has several reasons to remain (including avoiding more forfeits/losses on time), and coherence is really important IMO. I do not agree that Eros cannot be beaten (I couldn't do it by myself though ^^), I trust Murphy's law :) I see several reasons to all these consecutive victories, Eros explained many by himself, and I don't think it's enough to change the format, by the way we now have the CUP format for all players who prefer other parameters (thanks Garvin!).

As for Twitch & other good ideas like this, truth is that there should have been many Freestyle tournaments these last years but I couldn't organize it anymore and still can't at the moment :/ But most important is that despite of computers supremacy in correspondence chess, now Go & poker holdem, I'm convinced that the best years of FICGS are to come, and it will bring more competition, new champions & good things. Let's wait & see!

William Taylor    (2018-10-31 14:48:02)
World Championship Tie-breaks

Fair enough, Thib. Maybe Demis Hassabis could win a game against Eros, but I don't see anyone else doing it. :)

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-14 21:44:07)
World Championship Tie-breaks

no , there should be nothing changed , the chess Champion must be beaten to by new champion.

when you look at last match , they have played mostly same openings, not even taking openings chances is it

Herbert Kruse    (2018-11-16 23:11:10)
World Championship Tie-breaks

you dont understand chess, if you would you could see, that it were really the best ways there are today

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-17 00:09:46)
World Championship Tie-breaks

there are different ways

possible to play 6 different own openings whith white and with black

longer time control would be better for thinking

Herbert Kruse    (2018-11-17 00:40:42)
World Championship Tie-breaks

so what i did in the match 1 year before, where my chances were even lower, you are really not into chess, paul!

Herbert Kruse    (2018-11-17 00:44:18)
World Championship Tie-breaks

and longer time controls are even more boring, are you really have any sense of todays dead chess

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-17 00:52:31)
World Championship Tie-breaks

chess is a draw game, till mistake is done

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 16:39:10)
World Championship Tie-breaks

herbert! i hope we play soon here a chess match together , maybe your strong computers will help you :)

Herbert Kruse    (2018-11-19 19:41:33)
World Championship Tie-breaks
u lost already, and in real life even quicker

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 19:55:28)
World Championship Tie-breaks

herbert you are losing too, dont you see it ??

this one game was only one warm up against you , and you forgot to say here that we have played 2 draws already.

you talk always like a criminal

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 19:59:02)
World Championship Tie-breaks

GM Eros is really good champ here , he should stay it

Herbert Kruse    (2018-11-19 20:06:17)
World Championship Tie-breaks

if i talk like a criminal, you talk like a mentally ill person

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 20:14:17)
World Championship Tie-breaks

you too and your behaviur

herbert we can discuss in our chess games

Thibault can you delete these crapy coments here again, some unfriendly chess players here

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 20:20:40)
World Championship Tie-breaks

herbert in first lost game you have proofed that your computer is stronger , really

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 21:04:26)
World Championship Tie-breaks

kruse lost 12 games somehow

no matter this

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-11-19 21:48:45)
World Championship Tie-breaks

This discussion is clearly provocation... That's not the first time (this week). Please read the netiquette, rules may apply.

My role is not to delete such posts each time it appears, particularly several times in a week, so if one of the authors really wants me to do it, rules will apply instantly and he'll go to the silent mode.

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 21:59:29)
World Championship Tie-breaks


i had the feeling that he was talking very unfriendly to me and like a criminal man.

i was talking about chess and he answers like a crime man, very unfriendly he

he has started it

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-11-19 22:03:09)
World Championship Tie-breaks

Obviously you did not read or understood the netiquette rules. Please retry before to add anything to this useless public discussion.

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 22:04:44)
World Championship Tie-breaks

dont you see it ?? he has started to talk bad things

or maybe you are his supporter ?

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-11-19 22:10:19)
World Championship Tie-breaks

I only support rules. Rules are quite clear in this case and my message was not intended to you especially.

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 22:11:13)
World Championship Tie-breaks

yes and he has broken all rules and still

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-11-19 22:14:17)
World Championship Tie-breaks

All rules? There are a lot. Anyway, I can see provocation.

What about you, in your opinion?

William Taylor    (2018-11-19 22:15:18)
World Championship Tie-breaks

Paul has also sent abusive private messages to me. At some point action should be taken. This is not the first thread he has de-railed into a flame war.

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 22:18:47)
World Championship Tie-breaks

william you have attacked me first

be true you

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 22:21:46)
World Championship Tie-breaks

and of discussion with you all

you seems to be on one side , this let me think of you

and i hope next is a french, this is a french site not german one

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 22:22:44)
World Championship Tie-breaks

end of discussion with you all

you seems to be on one side , this let me think of you

and i hope next is a french, this is a french site not german one

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-11-19 22:25:20)
World Championship Tie-breaks

Please everyone let me finish this discussion with those who feel concerned. Private messages are welcome if necessary.

Paul, the "first" argument is not valid here, it just goes against the netiquette rules, if you read it again.

Paul Larwinski    (2018-11-19 22:26:20)
World Championship Tie-breaks

kruse is talking and behave like shit

he has started it so its good now

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-11-19 22:32:18)
World Championship Tie-breaks

Netiquette rule just applied (for obvious reasons).

Herbert Kruse    (2018-11-25 20:07:57)
World Championship Tie-breaks

i didnt provoke anyone if u look





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