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Garvin Gray    (2018-03-03)
World Championship Groups

I know this is not the first time this question has been asked, but thought this could be explained again as I am a bit confused.

I have looked at the layout for the stages of the World Championship Groups and the path that each group takes, but I am a bit confused about how being put into a stronger pool of players ie Group SM is an advantage.

It seems to be that the players in Group SM or M are still starting from stage 1.

So, the players who finish at the bottom of this group can be bundled out of the event, whereas someone who was in Group 1 starts at the same level and plays against players 2000 or so.

I am confused as to what advantage there is to being put into Group SM is?

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-03-03 20:37:38)
World Championship Groups

Maybe not an advantage according to the point of view, but certainly "different". An occasion to reach stage 3 directly or to to play stage 2 as seed 1 in any group (kind of stage 1 and a half if you like fractals :)). An occasion to play more interesting games (and more chances to gain elo points). It is quite complex to balance all differences IMO. Anyway, there is not much interest for 2200+ players to checkmate 1300-1700 players, particularly when playing without engines I guess.

Garvin Gray    (2018-11-18 03:12:48)
World Championship Groups

I see in the chat box there is a comment about adding players for a new group in the WCH.

This should not be allowed and is a bad idea. The original groups were worked out based on ratings available at the close of entry.

And also now this new group will be a rating scattered group, rather than being similar to the others.

Players have protested before about adding players and new groups well after the entry deadline has passed. I have frankly had a gutful of having to protest about it.

It is one of main things that is turning me off this site. Having to keep protesting against items on this site when others have said similar viewpoints to mine, but the site owner keeps trying to sneak in his ideas via the backdoor.

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-11-18 23:42:18)
World Championship Groups

Hi Garvin! Yes, I remember it was an important point in our discussion about the CUP cycle (where the rule is 100% strict on this point)... Of course, I always built additional WCH groups if the distribution was very similar. Quite the same about replacements, groups were changed if the elo average was about the same. Just an opportunity for late players to get in and to complete groups if there were 2 or 3 forfeits... It cannot be completely bad, don't you think?

Garvin Gray    (2018-11-19 02:36:26)
World Championship Groups

Ok, please clarify- your comment in the chat box is: A few more players for an additional chess WCH group?

The key word to me is 'additional' chess Wch group.

In your latest reply, you say accepting a few later runners to add as replacements into existing groups to substitute for those who have not started their games or forfeited out.

I have no real objection to the later, but I have a strong objection to creating a completely new group from those who did not enter on time and that new group could potentially not be as strong and evenly distributed for ratings from the original WCH groups.

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-11-19 21:55:32)
World Championship Groups

By "additional chess WCH group", I do mean one more group in the chess WCH stage 1, with a very similar elo distribution (otherwise it is not done). Of course it has to be fair, that's the basics.

Graham Kerr    (2019-01-17 16:17:29)
World Championship Groups

Different question, but i'd have given it the same heading, so decided it best to post in this thread...
What happens if all games in a qualifying group are drawn?

Marcio B. Oliveira    (2019-03-16 18:05:29)
World Championship Groups

What happens if all games in a quarter Final group are drawn?

Thibault de Vassal    (2019-03-16 21:22:26)
World Championship Groups

@ Marcio : In a quarter final, the player with the highest Tournament Entry Rating is qualified for next stage.

@ Graham : My apologies, I didn't see your post before. It depends on the group... In most cases, the player with the highest Tournament Entry Rating is qualified for next stage.

Graham Kerr    (2019-03-16 22:17:51)
World Championship Groups

No worries, when it didn't get a response here a started a new thread, you answered there ;-)

Marcio B. Oliveira    (2019-03-17 02:29:39)
World Championship Groups

@Thibault de Vassal
Thank you!

Marcio B. Oliveira    (2019-09-24 21:12:56)
World Championship Groups

What happens if all games in a WCH Semi Final group are drawn?
And if both players win a game?

Thibault de Vassal    (2019-09-24 21:33:24)
World Championship Groups

This is specified in the WCH rules (2nd paragraph):

"The knockout tournament is played into 8 games matches. The special rule (avoiding short draws) is that in case of equality (4-4), the winner is the player with the strongest tournament entry rating if all games are draw, the player with the lowest tournament entry rating if not all games are draw. The winner is qualified for the next stage."

I hope it is clear enough, maybe I should rewrite it.

Marcio B. Oliveira    (2019-09-24 22:48:04)
World Championship Groups

Thank you.