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Garvin Gray    (2018-03-03)
World Championship Groups

I know this is not the first time this question has been asked, but thought this could be explained again as I am a bit confused.

I have looked at the layout for the stages of the World Championship Groups and the path that each group takes, but I am a bit confused about how being put into a stronger pool of players ie Group SM is an advantage.

It seems to be that the players in Group SM or M are still starting from stage 1.

So, the players who finish at the bottom of this group can be bundled out of the event, whereas someone who was in Group 1 starts at the same level and plays against players 2000 or so.

I am confused as to what advantage there is to being put into Group SM is?

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-03-03 20:37:38)
World Championship Groups

Maybe not an advantage according to the point of view, but certainly "different". An occasion to reach stage 3 directly or to to play stage 2 as seed 1 in any group (kind of stage 1 and a half if you like fractals :)). An occasion to play more interesting games (and more chances to gain elo points). It is quite complex to balance all differences IMO. Anyway, there is not much interest for 2200+ players to checkmate 1300-1700 players, particularly when playing without engines I guess.





August 15, 2018

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