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Daniel Khayman    (2006-11-20)

Still me and still new. It's not quite clear to me how this Wikichess function works and what its purpose is. It looks like some sort of communal board where anyone can make a move and comment on it but, can one go back and replay previous moves in a different way? and what else can one do? Thanks, Daniel

Josef Riha    (2006-11-20 09:38:38)

Hallo Thibault, I have also a question about Wikichess. I never entered any move or comment, neverthless my name appears in many of the lines under Contributors. Why??
Greetings, Josef.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-11-20 16:20:17)

Wikichess is a chess tree, you can go forward or back just by following the links - moves or 'back', then enter new moves...

When you browse Wikichess in contributor mode (when logged in), your name is automatically added but it will be recorded only if you submit the commentary. It's all explained on the wikichess page ;)

Josef Riha    (2006-11-20 16:34:19)
Re: Wikichess

Oh, thanks, I was blind :-))