Why so few top players in Wch 5


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Marc Lacrosse    (2008-06-04)
Why so few top players in Wch 5 ?

In the present "active" players rating list there are 38 players with a 2300+ rating.

So far only three of them registered for the soon to begin 5th "world championship".

I just wonder why ...


Thibault de Vassal    (2008-06-05 01:31:43)
Top players in Wch 5

Hi Marc,

It is possible that some 2400+ players wait until the deadline before to entry the waiting list to know if they will play the knockout or the round-robin tournament, just as before I think. Anyway, I assume that most 2300+ players have running games and wait to know if they'll be able to manage some more games.

Best, Thibault

Robert Mueller    (2008-06-07 22:48:44)
Why so few top players in Wch 5 ?

I can only speak for myself. 1 move per day is too fast for me. I decided not to sign up for the WCH but play standard time controls (4 days per move) instead. When I signed up for WCH 4, round 2 of WCH 3 started and then I surprisingly qualified for the WCH 2 final. Suddenly, I had more than 20 fast games in progress. This is too much stress for me.

Garvin Gray    (2008-07-02 14:44:36)
entries closing soon.

Join up everyone, only 5 days till entries close.