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Benjamin Aldag    (2006-08-24)
Why do you play corr-chess ?

Hi again,

i play corr-games, because i want to learn more about my repertoire-openings. If you look at my games, you will see every time the same gamestyle and often the same opening. I love the Grand Prix Attack and the closed Sicilian with the white colors. With black i prefer to play Dzindzi-Indian, also known as The Beefeater. Corr-Chess is for me one of the best ways, to try some learned lines and look for better a better continue.

Now my question: Why do you play corr-chess ?


Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-24 20:32:23)
Re: Why do you play corr-chess ?

Because there are no chess players where I live... :)

And maybe because I'm quite perfectionist too ;)

Samy Ould Ahmed    (2006-08-24 21:42:54)
Easy :)

To play chess 24h a day lol

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-08-25 01:31:24)
Re: Re: Why do you play corr-chess ?....

You zee, I play zees thing calld corr- chess becawse I'm a firm beleever in zi phrase: " Off With Zi King's Head ".

Charlie Neil    (2006-09-02 21:49:18)
why do you play corr chess

i play corr chess as i don't go to chess clubs as i work shifts and can't devote a single night off the same day in every week. also i pause at the board smoking cigarettes drinking coffee and have music playing in the background, ( most of the time dressed in my pyjamas). the corr chess players you meet can be some nice people who are usually polite and chessfriends. and the rude ones you can ignore. of course you have the time to study a game a bit longer before making that blunder. i am learning and re-learning chess all the time. at the moment i am playing from memory after finding using books confusing when i got to the end of the line. i feel sorry for those people who use databases/computers for their moves as in the end they are cheating themselves out using their own brain, there is an old saying, "cheats don't prosper" i believe it to be true. Chess is the best and the most terrible game in the world.

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-09-03 14:04:49)

All the players I've come across on FICGS are quite friendly: 1. Some of them keep a good chess conversation going. 2. Some of them ask & answer questions. Oh, I almost forgot! 3. A few say nothing at all.... absolutely nothing..... silent mode.

Marc Lacrosse    (2006-09-04 10:51:45)
To Charlie on cheaters ...

Hi Charlie

I completely agree with the first sentences of your post, but I cannot accept the second part of it.
I use computers, and books, and databases and lots of prepared personal analyses for my games here.
I do not accept to be called a cheater : this is explicitly allowed by the rules here, and it is even one of the main reasons for which I joined this association.
There are lots of other sites where computer use is forbidden : you can for sure play there and complain when you will guess that your opponent is making use of electronic assistance, but not here.
Moreover for me it is pure shortness of sight if you are not able to imagine that playing with computer help can be both creative and even fascinating.
Take any of your games and do a quick analysis with several chess programs : you will see that for a large majority of positions they completely disagree on which is the best move to play. The human touch is critically decisive when playing with computer help.
And resulting games are far more complicated and interesting in my eyes.
Another point is that for myself I prefer that my opponents do not spoil an interesting game for which I have spent hours and hours of analysis along weeks of play through a stupid human blunder that ends it all suddenly.
I do pretty well understand that you prefer to play on your own. But what is the problem if you have a computer-assisted opponent? Either you will loose and will maybe learn something either you will win and it will be a pretty good achievement. And surely it will be a better game. The only problem I can see is the possible frustration not to be able to win many games.
Then I repeat : go on another site where computer assistance is forbidden. But I have to say that having played on such sites for years you will find _many_ cheaters... Pure human play cannot be enforced ...

But please stop saying that players like myself are cheaters and poor ignorants.
It is sure we play a different game but why should you be entitled to say that mine is worse than yours?



Benjamin Aldag    (2006-09-04 16:52:11)
Cheaters ?!

Hey Charlie,

i understand your opinion about computer-assistence. But we are no cheaters ! The difference between the cheaters and us is, that you will often lose your games, when you will only play computermoves. A good chessplayer with a good machine, will ever win versus a bad chessplayer with a good machine. You would kill yourself, when u ever play only computermoves. Ask yourself, why some of corr-chess players have a rating between 2600 and 2700 or more and many players "just" 2300 ? Are the players with a rating over 2600 the better hardware and the better chessengine ? I say NO ! These playres know, how to win versus all these little computermovers. A Computer will ever make mistakes and in corr-games its an interessting part, to search for these mistakes. A Human-Chess-Brain and a computer can be an unbeatable team !


Charlie Neil    (2006-09-05 09:50:08)
why play corr-chess

Marc, excuse me I didn't make the difference between chess engines/databases and someone playing straight moves straight off their own computer. Yes, use books and databases that's what they are there for. But I feel sorry for the individual who relies solely on their computer to play their games for them. It is a bit like taking a fork lift to a weight lifting competition. The use of computers and servers is still relatively new to me. There are sites that ban the use of computers. but who is to know who is using their computer in an illegal way? There can be no profit for them or enjoyment in the game. It is good that FICGS has this forum for free discussion. I enjoyed reading "The future for Corr-chess" thread. There has always been points in time when it has been discussed that chess has "burnt-out" and the game will die off. I don't think that will ever happen in light of the passion for this terrible game expressed in all these forums. So, forgive an ignorant "free-range" "organic" chessfriend for not being clear about the differences about databases and computer-slaves who rely on their machines. The game is the thing. ( and maybe just maybe I wasn't drinking just coffee the time I posted the cheats slur...:-/)

Charlie Neil    (2006-09-05 09:55:54)
why do you play corr chess?

Hello benny oh yes and I am learning and re-learning all the time. Chess and computers is a whole new world to me.