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Why I play here.

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Charlie Neil    (2007-02-08)
Why I play here.

Reading the forum postings as I do everytime I log on, I have noted that we are a diverse group here at Ficgs. For that reason I thought I would make my statement of intent. "Why I play here." 1. It is Free. I am Scottish and that is that! 2. I like the 7 player single pairing groups. 3. I know zero about chess and computers but I think I am learning something just by reading the Forum. 4. As I said a diverse group of people play chess here but in many ways it is similar to being at an OTB club, well at least as I remember them. All different types united by one game. 5. Chess is fun but what else can make you so happy when a scheme comes together in victory and what other game can have you rocking back and forth in your chair making you doubt every decision you have ever made. And all in the time it takes to click from one game to another. 6. I wonder how long it will be now before Thibault gets fed-up with us whinging, complaining and not appreciating his hard work! (Thibault just once tell someone complaining person to go and .....!) Maybe not.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-08 11:33:25)
Why I play here

I don't know if playing here is similar to being at an OTB club (well I forgot what it is :)), but I do appreciate to have time to discuss with my opponents.

About complaining, it looks like things are going really better for a few months, the site may be not very clear everywhere yet and I'm still late with new features to come, but that's encouraging :) .. Also I'd like to thank all people responding to newcomers in the forum & chat before I can see it. And last but not least, thanks everyone for the friendly peace that reigns here :)





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