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Jimmy Huggins    (2010-12-07)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

This is just a poll to see what others think. I had do I similar on the Rybka Forum, but seeing there would have be bias base on each forum I decide to do one on each one.

So the question is simple.

Who do you think among the FICGS side will have the best finish? choices--->

Wayne Lowrance
Gino Figlio
Sebastian Boehme
David Evans
Ruben Comes
Scott Nichols
Daniel Parmet
Kevin Plant
Ramil Germanes
Peter Marriott
Daniel Parmet
Hrubaru Mircea

To my knowledge that is everyone on this side. Since there is no poll option just post a name and if you want give an answer. Pairing will be posted in less than 3 weeks. Good Luck to everyone playing! and I'll try to keep the forum posted on updates as the tourney goes a long.

Jimmy Huggins    (2010-12-07 19:21:30)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

Of course I vote for Wayne Lowrance. As a slight favorite. Not only to be the best finisher, but to win the tourney.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-12-07 19:34:08)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

Wayne has serious chances indeed IMO.

Sebastian Boehme    (2010-12-07 20:10:10)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

Seriously do not underestimate Ruben Comes. Although he is still quite new to correspondence chess, I really think he has chances too to win this event.


Jimmy Huggins    (2010-12-07 20:33:27)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

One note I forgot to mention... I can bet this will add some spice to this tourney. I'm going to talk to the rybka team about a chance for the winner of the tournament a chance to play a 2 game match against the rybka cluster. You can call it some kind of Centaur Champion vs Cluster Grand Championship. Of course there is still work to be done for this to happen. By I thought the players would be interested to know that.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-12-07 22:53:20)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

Good idea! So one more correspondence chess event to come...

Hi Sebi, I don't know Ruben's play enough that's right, but I guessed that his preparations for advanced (blitz) chess may be sort of trap for himself, corr. chess is really different. The point is IMO that for some reasons Wayne will play correspondence chess in this tournament while many others may play something between advanced chess and correspondence chess... Question of time also... But as Jimmy said, this would be a "slight" advantage after all, everything can happen and you have good chances too!

Jimmy Huggins    (2010-12-08 01:20:40)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

Its interesting. When I talked to Wayne about playing in this tournament. He said he could play if it was faster controls and the game count was low. I manage to do both. It seems he has played at this time control before.

To me the player with the lowest draw rate will win. And with the format winning with white will be a premium. Of course a long with Wayne. There are some dark horses to. With the elements of both Advance chess and CC play. David Evans and of course Ruben will both have to get some consideration.

Scott Nichols    (2010-12-12 00:20:51)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

"IMO that for some reasons Wayne will play correspondence chess in this tournament while many others may play something between advanced chess and correspondence chess..." (Thibault) That is a brilliant quote Thib. It got me to thinking, I played corr. by mail back in the early 80's, no computers, we had to think and replay each game constantly. I reached a respectable rank. Now, with the machines, I think we take their play to much for granted. I mean, we think, this prog. is 3000+ rated, it has to be the best move, but in many many positions where sacrifice is involved, or complicated endgames, these machines don't have a clue. I think it is time to get back to playing "real" corr. chess again. Thanks Thib!

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-12-12 14:38:22)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

That's what I say to myself each time I lose a game after having played a move too fast :) Computers are still really weak in some complex positions (also in the middle game) but for some reasons we trust it... At the same time we always try to play openings that allow such positions, so not everything is lost yet.

The 80's were a great period for correspondence chess indeed. A friend of mine became very strong while playing corr. chess only during these years.

Hannes Rada    (2010-12-13 22:32:50)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

Thibault, Can you give us some examples about this complex positions wherre computers are still really weak ?

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-12-13 22:45:01)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

Wow, there are so many.... we should create a topic dedicated to these positions! (I do it ;))

Hannes Rada    (2010-12-13 23:07:17)
Who's the favorite in the WBCCC?

Yes that would be interesting !





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