What size groups do you prefer


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Garvin Gray    (2013-02-26)
What size groups do you prefer?

I have played in groups on here that have 5, 7 and 9 players and I am interested in seeing what other players prefer for size of a tournament group?

Having played in these sized groups, I am starting to prefer the 9 player groups, where a game time out or not starting has less influence on the overall group.

What do others think?

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-03-01 19:13:16)
What size groups do you prefer?

IMO, 9 was a good choice (yours btw?) for the WCH... 7 may be better for regular tournament as it starts faster. The balance seems quite good now.

Just my opinion of course :)

Let's see what others think!?

Peter W. Anderson    (2013-03-01 21:00:14)
What size groups do you prefer?

In general 7 or 9 is fine, I don't mind which.

However, there is a specific issue for SM Rapid. I entered this in September last year and we still only have 4 people on the waiting list. So 9 and possibly even 7 would seemingly be too many for this.

How about a double rounder woth 4 or 5 people for SM Rapid?

George Clement    (2013-03-01 21:08:11)
What size groups do you prefer?

What about starting the tournament when you have 4 0r 5 entries and capping it at 7. As 5,6,7 enter they could start their games. That could help end all this waiting for enough players to enter to start the full tournament.

Garvin Gray    (2013-03-02 10:47:03)
What size groups do you prefer?

Larger groups will always take longer to fill. I would prefer larger groups, but I prefer groups to start regularly, rather than waiting three or so months for a group to start.

I think we do have a serious issue with groups not being able to start because of insufficient numbers.

I proposed the ficgs world cup to complement the ficgs world champs. Rather than attempting to tinker with the group bandings we have at the moment, perhaps it is time to consider that players are more likely to join another 'event' rather than just another group that was just like the previous one they played in.

Daniel Parmet    (2013-03-11 13:46:38)
What size groups do you prefer?

I don't think the problem here is with group size but rather the silly rating brackets we switched to some time back. It makes it virtually impossible to play strong players.

Bogoljub Teverovski    (2013-03-19 14:27:22)
What size groups do you prefer?

First of all, I prefer double-round-robin tournaments with 6-8 participants and, so, 10-14 games.